Where to Get Wedding Bands in Singapore

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If you're wondering where to get your wedding band, consider Singapore. You can find an array of jewellers in this city, from Love & Co. to SK Jewellery to Vivo Diamonds and Fonder Diamond. These brands specialize in wedding rings, and they can provide you with the ideal piece to commemorate your special day. But before you decide where to buy your wedding band, take note of a few important factors.

Love & Co.

As of October, Love & Co. has opened a flagship store at Jewel Changi Airport and a new E-shop. The company specializes in bespoke diamond rings and bridal jewelry. They have also recently expanded to a number of other countries, including Australia and the U.S. In China, Love & Co. focuses on upscale urban malls and the booming Chinese market. Their newest store in Shanghai features a dazzling collection of diamonds.

Founded in Singapore, Love & Co. offers a number of services, including wedding bands and bespoke ring creation. This brand has also expanded overseas, with a recent move into China and Thailand. They continue to expand across the region. To keep up with demand and meet increasing consumer demand, Love & Co. will continue to expand its services and products in these markets. You can also find a wide variety of diamond rings in Love & Co.'s showrooms.

A renowned jeweller, Love & Co. combines craftsmanship and romantic creativity to create a collection perfect for the discerning couple. Couples will find a timeless, sophisticated design to compliment whispered words of love. Love & Co. jewellery is sure to impress any partner! Its collection of bespoke rings is the perfect accompaniment to a heartfelt kiss or the first dance. And it's a sentiment that will last forever.

SK Jewellery

When you're looking for wedding bands, you can't go wrong with the stunning designs at SK Jewellery. With a focus on design excellence and innovation, this company is a leader in 999 Pure Gold jewellery. From unique engagement rings to beautiful collectibles, SK offers the best value for your money. Their direct sourcing ensures top quality and superior value for money.

SK Jewellery has two locations. One in Chinatown is more spacious, with a more luxurious feel. There is a big area dedicated to engagement rings, and the salesperson is helpful and courteous. Whether you're looking for a traditional diamond band or a quirky design, SK Jewellery is where to get wedding bands in Singapore. The quality of the diamonds at both stores vary substantially, so be prepared to pay a higher price.

Soo Kee is another place to find unique, custom-made pieces. SK Jewellery's artisans use the latest technologies and innovations to create unique pieces. Plus, with no middlemen involved, the company can pass those savings on to its customers. With over 100 stores across Singapore, SK Jewellery is one of the biggest chains of jewelry in the country. You can find their stores in shopping malls and upmarket areas. Salespeople at SK Jewellery are friendly and approachable, which makes the entire experience more of a business transaction than an emotional one.

If you're looking for a wedding band, you've probably been looking for one in Singapore. SK Jewellery has been making wedding bands and other precious accessories for over seventy years. Their renowned craftsmanship has won them awards and recognition worldwide. Not only are their prices competitive, but the quality is also second to none. A diamond ring from SK Jewellery is a lasting gift for your spouse and is sure to be treasured for generations.

Vivo Diamonds

If you're looking for a new wedding band, look no further than Vivo Diamonds, one of Singapore's premier jewelry stores. The company boasts 30,000-plus diamonds and has a custom design service. You can also choose from a range of classic and contemporary designs, or even request a completely custom-made piece. In addition to the wide range of wedding bands offered at Vivo Diamonds, they also offer free consultations and expert advice on all matters relating to your new engagement or wedding band.

Vivo Diamonds is located at the heart of Tanjong Pagar. It was one of the first bridal jewellers in Singapore, and is the exclusive purveyor of the Celestial diamond, the world's first 73-facet starburst diamond. They also have an extensive collection of engagement rings, including many Japanese-inspired options. Sapphires are a popular choice, as they represent the'something blue' symbolism.

A personal consultation is included in every purchase. With a bespoke service, you can choose the diamond, metal, and finish of your wedding band. Vivo Diamonds' specialists will walk you through the entire process to ensure you get the perfect ring. In addition to ensuring the high-quality and beauty of your wedding band, the company purchases its diamonds from ethical, conflict-free sources. That way, you can rest assured that the diamonds you purchase are conflict-free.

Another popular choice for a custom wedding band is La Putri. Here, you can consult an expert on the perfect ring for your special day, and they will design a bespoke piece for you in three-dimensional CAD. Vivo Diamonds is a traditional ring design studio in Singapore, and the team of master jewelers at this boutique are highly experienced. Each ring is meticulously handcrafted with exceptional details and craftsmanship.

Fonder Diamond

The concept of online jewellery stores like Fonder Diamond is not new. The US jeweller, Blue Nile, is one of the leading names in online diamond shopping, and the company has recently expanded its services to Singapore. Its unique business model involves connecting customers to a global supply of diamonds and has successfully surpassed the operational model. This online store also has a brick-and-mortar showroom in Singapore. The company has many options to choose from, including coloured diamonds.

When choosing a diamond, one of the best places to start is Fonder Diamond. With their database of over 100,000 diamonds, they have the largest selection of diamonds in Singapore. You can even filter through them by 4Cs, such as cut, carat, and colour, to find the perfect diamond for your ring. Considering that diamonds are a fancy rock, they can vary in cost considerably. Luckily, the Fonder Diamond site is very easy to use.

Another great place to buy a wedding band in Singapore is Michael Trio. It is a popular choice among couples in Singapore for modern wedding bands. The company has been in the wedding industry for 40 years and has a reputation for providing top quality service. You can design your own wedding band at the store, which has earned them the title of "Top Shop for Wedding Bands in Singapore".

If you want to spend a lot of money, you can find high-end jewellery at LeCaine Gems. The team's passion for gemstones and gold shines through their creations. And, while LeCaine Gems is a luxury jewellery store, Tiara is an affordable option. There are daily rings, engagement rings, and wedding bands for men and women in their catalogue, including affordable options. And if you want to save money on a diamond engagement ring, you can even take advantage of the personal loan option offered by Fonder Diamond.

Les Precieux

The Les Precieux wedding band collection is elegant and timeless. The refined designs are made to be stacked with other rings. If diamonds are out of your price range, sapphires are a popular alternative. Padparadscha sapphires have been embraced by royalty throughout history. Other popular gemstones include tanzanites, spinels, and morganites. Each one has its own unique beauty and meaning.

Les Precieux prides itself on their unparalleled customer service. From their welcoming atmosphere to personalised service, their team is dedicated to making your experience as pleasant as possible. Whatever your taste is, they will create a bespoke band that will suit your budget and your personality. Their commitment to exceptional service and care has earned them numerous positive media and online reviews, as well as many happy customers. So what are you waiting for? Take a look!

For a more luxurious option, you can also check out Bvlgari. The prestigious Italian jeweller has many outlets across Singapore. Although Bvlgari is on the more expensive side, the designs and gemstones they use are world-class. If you want to browse their collections online, you'll find detailed descriptions and pictures of each ring. The website even includes price lists so you can easily select the one that matches your budget.

Aside from wedding bands, Les Precieux also offers engagement rings and customised jewellery. You can even make an appointment with an expert at JannPaul to discuss your ideas. The company uses state-of-the-art 3D visualisation software and wax moulding technology. You can bring your design to life in a wax mould, giving you the ability to make alterations and fine-tune your wedding ring until you are satisfied.

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