How Much Do Wedding Decorators Charge?

There's no denying that everyone has envisioned their perfect wedding day at some point. Many brides have dreamed about their special day since they were young. Hiring a wedding decorator can greatly improve the visual charm of your wedding ceremony. It's unquestionable that decorators are essential in making your big day even more beautiful.

Wedding decorators turn the event space into a gorgeous wedding venue. They work with couples to fulfill their vision of a perfect wedding day. Nowadays, wedding decorators are becoming popular among people. It helps to make the wedding day more delightful for the guests. If you are hoping for an enlightening wedding day, then you should hire an expert decorator. Now the question may cross your mind about how much wedding decorators charge. Continue reading our article to know how much hiring a decorator for your ceremony will cost. Today in this article we are going to break down the average cost of a professional wedding decorator. 

About Wedding Decorators and How Much Do They Charge

The decorators work with the motive of making the wedding occasion more presentable. They will decorate your wedding ceremony as you want them to. Sometimes they will take double charge as a wedding interior designer, as they will advise you on more designs and options for your wedding day. 

The average charge of a wedding decorator nationwide is about $700-$1000 in total. While some sources put it at high and the others say it could cost as little as $500. Several decorators charge as per package deals. Most of them charge by the number of hours they will work. Hourly rates for wedding decorations can reach up to $25 to $100 or can be more. 

The wedding lady has a wedding bundle only for decor services which comes out to $1,500. For this price, you can use their decor in addition to assistance with setting up for the wedding ceremony. The flat rate wedding decorations charge structure is pretty self-explanatory. How many guests are attending the occasion and the overall perspectives of the wedding place are the usual factors which affect the decoration charge. 

Factors That Vary Wedding Decorators Charge 

There are some important factors that may influence the charge of a professional wedding decorator. 

Your location can be a factor. In most cases, decorators seem much more expensive in big cities or other high-income areas. An hourly rate will affect the amount of work a professional decorator puts into your wedding. For those who charge a flat rate, there may be other wedding decorator charges depending on what extra services they will give you. 

When a wedding decorator charges a flat rate for their services, this cost is based on the number of attendees or which type of party you are hosting, and how difficult it is. Few of them charge 15-20% of the total price of the wedding ceremony. This is a usual cost structure if the decorator offers event planning as well as event decorating services.

There are some, who charge an extra fee or an hourly rate plus a commission of 10-20% of the cost of any vendors they hire. This is a normal fee structure if the pro is planning the event. The amount you will pay a wedding decorator will depend on the type and the size of the event, location, and your decorator's rates, or whether you want any custom elements. If your decorator is hiring any other vendors, it is not unusual to charge a 10-20% management cost on top of their rate. You do not have to think about the unexpected costs. Professionals who make a practice of this are called out on social media very quickly. 

Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Decorator 

For a few couples, the idea of planning a whole wedding down to the decorative details sounds annoying. On the other hand, for others, decorating is the funniest and enjoyable part. Decorators are hired by those who do not have any idea about how to make a wedding ceremony eye-catching. Hired decorators do it in a very beautiful way. They have many creative ideas to make any event special. Not only that but also everyone likes their creative work. 

The major benefit of hiring a wedding decorator is that it makes someone's wedding planning worry-free. With a huge number of plans, from invitations to snacks to ceremony music and many more, giving the responsibilities of decorating off to a professional can be a huge relief. 

Everyone has not had the artistic touch for decorating an event. Not everybody can do it. So having a professional wedding decorator on your side confirms great results. Because they are skilled enough in this decorating work. 

What Wedding Decorators Do?  

Wedding decorators make an event space look like a gorgeous wedding venue. Every couple is always excited about their wedding day. They want to make their special day awesome and also stressful. It is only possible because of a wedding decorator

A wedding decorator helps to decorate your wedding. They also make your wedding day special. There are several kinds of decorators. Different event decorators work differently and they have their own style of working. On the day of your wedding, the decorator should be there to help you to set up the decoration according to your expectations and ensure that everything looks perfect. They may have a team to work with. This team will help you to set up all of the furniture and decor. 

Helping you design the look and feel of your wedding is their main focus. They will pick out wedding decorations that match your theme and also coordinate with your wedding planner and vendors including those in charge of the ceremony. 


A wedding day is the most special moment that comes into someone's life. Nobody wants to make that day the worst one. So hiring a wedding decorator at your wedding will make the event more enjoyable and extraordinary. Now we think that you know the charge of professional wedding decorators after reading this article.

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