How Much Does Calligraphy Cost for Wedding Invitations?

How much does calligraphy cost for wedding invitations? Calligraphy is a superb way to improve the look of your paperwork. It offers a variety of styles to select from. Understandably, the cost of calligraphy services varies depending on the style selected and other considerations.

In the below part, you will know a bit more about wedding invitations calligraphy cost. Along with that, we will also discuss how much it will cost and when to order the calligraphy.

How Can You Use Calligraphy on Wedding Invitations?

Printable like a wedding invitation, envelope, escort card, rsvp, favor, etc. are some the very first thing that people notice about your use. It is wise to do these things carefully to avoid any issues. And, Calligraphy can be the best way to do this. Calligraphy is usually simple but people love them. If you want to add a personal touch to the wedding printable like an invitation, Calligraphy can be the best way.

When it comes to the wedding invitation, you can easily put the calligraphy in several places on the card.  Furthermore, you can use the calligraphy on the envelope addressing. But you don’t need to be limited to these options. You can find out the places where Calligraphy can go well. Moreover, you can put them in the personalized menus, place cards, programs, seating chart, and so many other places.

How Much Does Calligraphy Cost for Wedding Invitations?

The cost of the calligraphy can vary on a lot of things. There are different types of calligraphy which will make the cost vary. Furthermore, different calligrapher charges differently based on the requirement of work, their capability, and so many other things. So, it is very hard to tell you exactly how much you will require paying for the calligraphy on the wedding invitation.

Usually, you will be charged for the per piece of the invitation or papers when it comes to the calligraphy. As an example, when it comes to wedding invitation cards, you will require paying for per card basis. On the other hand, some of you might also want to do the envelope for which you will also require paying separately. Usually, you will require paying $2.0 to $5.50 for per piece of the papers that need to be done.

While shopping for the calligraphy, make sure to check the works of multiple calligraphers and also know their rate. This way, you can easily find who is offering the best service at the lowest charge. You can consider going for this individual. As we said earlier, the calligrapher with many years of expertise will cost you a bit more. On the other hand, the one who is local and has less experience will cost you less.

Sometimes, you will require paying more if you want the calligraphy to be done within a quick turnaround time. Usually, the calligraphy can be done within two weeks. If you want them earlier, you might require paying more. Note that the time might vary based on the size of the project.

How to Order Wedding Invitation Calligraphy

Finding the right calligraphy artist can be a bit tough. That is because there is not a lot of people offering this service. To make things easier for you, below, we will discuss what you should do to end up with the right calligraphy service provider.

Where to Find Them

As we said above, there is not much of the calligrapher out there, you will require to start searching early. You might ask your stationer, who is helping you with the printable. Some of the stationery service providers also provide calligraphy service. You might check the work of their calligraphy artist to find out whether it will be good for you or not. Some of the stationary might also outsource the service. In this case, you will require more checking.

If you didn’t find the right suit in this way, you might ask your friends and family for suggestions. Another thing you can do is to searching for calligraphy services online. By following these ways, we think you should be able to find someone really good.

Choosing the Right One

When you find information about several calligraphers, the next thing you need to do is to check their prior work. You can ask them about their portfolio and then check how good are they. Some of them might also maintain Facebook, Instagram, and other social profile which you can check to understand their work. If you are still in doubt after doing this, you can ask for a sample for them.

Sometimes, you might require paying a small fee for the sample while the others will do this for free. When you get the sample, it should be easier for you to understand the capability of the person. Then narrow down the list and contact the one which you think is the best suit. Discuss the budget and required style.

Selecting the Style

As we said earlier, there will be different variations of the calligraphy. While checking the portfolio of the artist, make sure that you are also checking which style will suit your text better. There are experienced calligrapher which is expert in several variations where some other only works on a specific variation. Talk with your calligrapher and decide your preferred style based on your choice. If you are confused, you might also ask for a recommendation.

Placing the Order

Once you are done, place the order. Make sure to discuss the timeframe and the cost in clear terms. Also, make sure to let him know exactly what you want to be done. Then order with your address so that you can get them in the right time. You might require paying a little percentage of the total cost at the beginning and the rest when you get the product. Of course, different calligraphers may use different ways for payment.


Calligraphy can be a great way to make your wedding invitation and printables look better. We hope that this article will help you to pick the right calligrapher and understand how the costing works.  

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