How to Write Time on Wedding Invitation

An invitation contains essential information, with the timing being a vital component. Mistakes in stating the time, whether through ambiguity or error, can lead to problems for both the host and guests of the wedding. Therefore, it is important to carefully select how you communicate the time to ensure clarity for everyone involved. Learn the right way to convey the timing on a wedding invitation.

The wedding invitation is a way to set the tone of any wedding and make an initial impression. Typically it covers the most details of the wedding ceremony. It might have a few lines but it is very important to have the right word combination. Because it is not a regular message or email. Keep reading the article to know more about it.

How to Write Time on Wedding Invitation

The invitation is something that is introduced by the person or group who is hosting the wedding ceremony. Typically, the parents of the bride or groom host the wedding event. Below are some examples of how to write the date and time in your invitation with wise words.

Mentioning the Day

The date should be spelled out during the formal invitation to the wedding event. Because many guests may find it difficult to understand if you do not spell. Although it may seem a bit stuffy, you should do this to become understandable. Unfortunately, the spelling of numbers is not used regularly by most people in the current debit card society. As a result, the syntax can cause a problem.

We recommend that spell both the date and time of the wedding letter. So using the comma between the date and time while you write the day in the invitation letter. For example, if your wedding day is Sunday, then you should write like this- “Sunday”          

What About the Date

After the name of the day has been written in the invitation letter, you have to write the date as well. Also spelling when writing the date. There are several ways that you can write a date. For example, if your wedding ceremony date is 6th September, you can write like sixth September. Now summarize the day and date together, it will stand up Sunday, the sixth of September. You can write it in another way - “Sunday, the sixth of September instead of “September 6, Sunday”.

And, the Year

It’s time to write the year on the wedding invitation card. Although the practice of mentioning the year in modern invitation letters is now declining. Because no one will give an invitation without the current year. Here is how you can write it down - If your wedding year is in 2021, you can consider it to write as the two thousand twenty-one. It is usually recommendable to the event host that writes the year in the below portion of both the day and date.

Mentioning the Time

Once you are done with writing the day, date, month, and year, you just have to write down the actual time of your wedding ceremony. There is no need to specify am or pm while writing the wedding time. You can simply spell it out in words. As an example- if the wedding time is at 2 pm, you just write at two o’clock in the mid-afternoon.

At the end of the time, you can use morning, noon, afternoon, evening.  Remind that the afternoon period is from 12-4 pm. One thing you need to keep in mind is that the number will be a small letter and the date will be in uppercase. Don’t forget to use ‘at’ before the time.

If you don’t want to use the formalness of the invitation letter, there is no reason to get worried. Instead, you can use numbers. Nowadays people are very much accustomed to numbers and most of the wedding cards use the number system to describe the date and time. Let’s see an example of how to use it:

Sunday, September 6, 2021

At 02:00 pm.

The wedding invitations can be rechecked a few times to avoid mistakes and select the correct one in case of a change of number.

Correct Way to Write Location on Wedding Invitation

This is not a good thing at all if you forget to mention the location by giving the exact time and date. Locating is also related to the date and time of the wedding. Because if you just mention the location, guests from outside the city may get in trouble. So the invitation letter needs to specify the location address in detail. Below is a demo of the location address. You can use this format in your wedding letter.

St. Mary’s Church

1250 Main St.

New Town, Texas

If your wedding venue is in a church, you can write the address in the following way. Then it will be easier for the guests to understand. But if the wedding location is in a private apartment or a wedding center, you have to follow a bit tricky way while writing the location.  

At the apartment of

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin

1250 Main St.

New Town, Texas

Ceremony and receptions are not usually held at the same venue. If you want to invite a guest to both the marriage and ceremony, make a separate card. Here is how to write the reception location:


The day after the wedding

444 Lake Street

Old Town, London

Can you use the same invitation card for weddings and reception? Using the same invitation card for a wedding and reception would be a great idea if you don’t want to spend extra money as well as the time. You can write the location of two events on the same card. However, make sure that the location is mentioned separately on both sides while writing. As a result, there will be no confusion about the location between the wedding and reception.


The wedding day is something that no one wants to make any sort of mistake. Wedding time is a very crucial thing. So there should be no mistake about the time. I think today’s article on how to write time on wedding invitation in a proper way will be useful for you.

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