How Many Extra Wedding Invitations Should You Order?

How Many Extra Wedding Invitations Should You Buy? It's smart to keep a few extra invitations available for any unexpected situations while ordering your wedding invites. Read on in the article to find out the advised quantity.

The use of wedding invitations is still very widespread in this era of technology. Almost all the wedding happening in the USA and in other parts of world uses the printed invitation to invite the guest. Usually, you will require designing the invitation and send them to the preferred guest. While ordering the invitation, you might get confused with numbers.

The number of the required wedding invitations will depend on the number of guests you will invite. Based on the total number of invitees, you should order some extra invitations for several reasons. In the below part of the article, we will let you know about how you should decide the number of extra wedding invitations.

How Many Wedding Invitations Should You Order?

A wedding doesn’t feel likes complete with guests. And, the invitation is one of the important and fun parts of the wedding. For this, you will require to make the invitation cards and envelope ready to send to the invitee. Before you order them, you want to decide the number to order. You might think about ordering the invitation as the same number of the guest. But that is going to be a wrong idea and it will also cost you some extra money which goes in vain.

The usual rules of thumb are to order one invitation for each couple or family. There can be several couples and several families at the wedding. As an example, you can think about an aunt. You can invite your aunt, uncle, and their kid with a single wedding invitation. So, if you are going to host around 200 guests, then around 100 wedding cards should be enough. That is because you will send one invitation card for each family and the couple.

Note that your wedding attendants also deserve the invitations. These include the bridesmaids, groomsmen, officiant, flower girl, ring holder, etc. As an example, if your bridesmaids are single but sharing a room together, you will require sending a separate invitation for them. Some couples also send wedding invitations to photographers and other service providers.

Remember that a wedding program is a formal event and to invite in the wedding officially, you need to send them an invitation card. So, never think of inviting someone without any invitation card just because you think he or she is not that much important.

How Many Extra Wedding Invitations Should You Order?

Now let’s talk about how much of the extra wedding invitation you need to order. A lot of couple underestimates the need of the wedding invitation. But you might regret later for doing this. That is because you might find out later that you didn’t include a lot of important people in the guest list who are important. Ordering some extra invitations can help you to go ease in such situations.

Some peoples follow the 60% rules while ordering the wedding invitation. In case you don’t know, it is about ordering invitation cards for 60% of the guest on the list. As an example, if you have a guest list of 100 persons, you will require ordering around 60 wedding invitations. Considering the couples and families, some experts believe that 60% is the proper amount to cover everyone.

In above, we tell you that you will require the wedding invitation for half of the number of guests. Here the extra 10% percent is to cover the additional. That means you should order a 10% extra invitation card of your estimation. As an example, for 200 guests, you will order around 100 wedding invitations. To stay safe for emergencies, you should order 10 more invitation cards. You might also go for 20% extra wedding cards if you think you might invite some more people extra.

Oftentimes, after preparing the wedding guest list, you might remember suddenly that you didn’t invite a close family friend. Besides, your mother, father, or grandparent might come with a list of friends they want to invite. Even your partner or you might think of a great old friend or family member who can’t join the wedding. Even if they couldn’t join the wedding due to distance or other issues, you might want to send a wedding invitation to him as a token of honor.

Wedding Invitation Tips

Here are some tips that might help you to go better with the wedding invitations.

Include All the Important Info

The wedding invitation should include all the important information about the wedding venue, wedding date, time of the day, etc. information. Also, make sure to precisely include the wedding venue address with the postal code. You can also give a hint about the theme of the wedding so that people can prepare them accordingly for the event.

Be Aware of Size and Shape

As chances are high that you will send the invitation through the postal service, you need to be aware of the size, shape, and weight of the envelope. If the wedding invitation arrives at the regular size, then you will require a cheap postal stamp. If it comes in a bigger size and weighs more, you will require a more expensive stamp.

Return Address

Don’t forget to include a return address on the wedding invitation. If any invitation fails to reach the invitee, it will come back to you. As a result, you can call them and let them know about this prior to the wedding. This can be a great way to know who got the invitation and who didn’t. Put the address of the host as the return address and it should be on the back flap of the outer envelope.


The wedding invitation is one of the first impressions to the guests about the event. So, you need to put as much elegance as possible on it. As we said above, make sure you are ordering around 10% to 20% extra invitations for emergencies.

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