How to Write Return Address on Wedding Invitations

Inscribing the return address on wedding invitations is seen as an optimal practice. However, how should it be done correctly? In the segments that follow, we aim to explore the accurate technique for adding return addresses to wedding invitations.

A wedding invitation is an old tradition which has been followed by people for centuries. Earlier, the wedding invitation was supposed to deliver by a footman, a person from the bride said to the specific address. And, it needed to be delivered by hand. Nowadays the tradition is changed with the development of the mail service. Generally, the invitations are now delivered by mail services.

You should write the return address on the wedding invitations as it helps to get the invitation back when it doesn’t reach the invitee. It helps you to take proper action or resent the invitation again. But how do you write the return address? Well, it’s very easy. All you need to do is to go through some easy formalities.

Why Write Return Address on Wedding Invitations

Once you send the wedding invitations, not all of them might reach the preferred invitee. That can happen for a lot of reasons including the wrong address and other mailing issues. Sometimes, the invitee might change their location which also causes the issue. In such cases, having the return address on the wedding invitation can easily help you to get it back and acknowledge that the invitee didn’t get the invitation.

Moreover, if you are including an rsvp in the wedding invitation, it will also require a return address. The guest will return their repose by either accepting the invitation and declining it. Usually, it is a common practice to respond to the rsvp whether you are joining the wedding or not. It helps the host to plan the wedding more accurately as they will know the exact number of guests. The return address is important to send the rsvp response.

Moreover, sometimes the guest might like to order the gift for the wedding and send it to the address or the host. In such cases, they will typically use the return address while ordering or sending the gift. So, here are the takeout here – the return address is important so that the failed invitation can get back to you, the guest can respond to the rsvp and they can send the gift (if they want).

How to Write Return Address on Wedding Invitations

As we said earlier, writing the return address is pretty simple. But it is very important to write the date in the correct manner to avoid any inconvenience. The most common etiquette is to write the return address on the back flap of the outer envelope that will accommodate the invitation. But what address you should use as the return address. Well, it can depend on several things.

Typically, you should use the return address of the host. The rsvp responses are received by the host of the wedding. And, you should consider using the host address so that host can know who is joining, who is not, and who didn’t even get the invitation due to the failure of mail. Use the right address based on whether the parents of the couple are hosting the wedding or the couple themselves.

If the couple lives together, they can easily use their current address for the invitation. You can simply write both of your first names in the first line. If you want to go formal, make sure to writhe the full name. Usually, the bride's full name goes in the first line where the groom's name goes in the second line. Then comes the address which can be two or three lines based on the location. Here is an example that might help:


John and Jane

120 Koontz Lane

Los Angeles, CA 55933

* Just update the name for formal.

But what to do when the couples are not yet living together? If the couple is hosting the wedding and if they are not living together, then it can be a little confusing about what to do about the return address. In this case, you can discuss it with your partner and decide who will take care of the undeliverable mail.

Related Questions

Can you Hand Write Return Address on Wedding Invitations?

Well, it can be handwritten or printed. If you prefer printing, you will require paying extra but save a lot of your time as you don’t need to repeat the same writing on every envelope. You might consider embossing but this is usually not recommended by the postal service as the words might become hard to read. You can consider picking fancy fonts to nicely represent the address and give the user a first impression of the wedding invitation.

Do You Need to Write Return Address in RSVP of Wedding Invitations?

Yes, you will require adding the return address on the rsvp envelope. Especially, if you are not mentioning the return address for the rsvp in the rsvp, then you must put it on the envelope. Like the invitation, you will require putting the address on the back flap of the envelope. Make sure to include the address in the same format, with the name, address, and postage. This will help the guest to send it back with ease to the host. 

Is the Name Compulsory for the Return Address?

Well, the name is not absolutely necessary for the return address. You can simply write the physical address of the person who will take care of the responses or undelivered invitations. But you can always include the name if you want. In case you decide to use the name, make sure to utilize the above procedure we have mentioned above. Whether you include the name or not, make sure to write the address accurately with a postal code.


The return address is something with which you might not be that much familiar. But making use of the simple etiquette on wedding invitation or rsvp can save you from a lot of hassle. We hope the above information about the return address will help you to write it properly.

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