How to Write Date on Wedding Invitation?

Your wedding invitation serves as one of the first glimpses into the magic of your forthcoming celebration. Striving for originality in its design is key to leaving a lasting impression on your invitees. Ensuring your wedding invitations are error-free is of the utmost importance. It's vital to precisely note the date and time on your wedding invitation, as any discrepancies could cause considerable confusion. For advice on how to accurately format the date on your wedding invitation, keep reading this article.

In the below article, we will let you know the official ways of writing the date and time in the wedding invitation. We will discuss the best ways of mention the date. We will also discuss some other important details of the wedding invitation.

So, How to Write Date on Wedding Invitation?

If you have no prior experience in writing formal invitations, you need to go through some learning first. That is because it will give a bad vibe to the guests if you cannot follow the pattern. At first, let’s discuss how you should write the date and time. Both the date and time in the wedding invitation need to be spelled out in the invitation. This might be a bit daunting, but that’s how formal invitation works and it also reduces the chance of mistakes.

Here is an example of how the writing should be written. Imagine you will have the wedding on October 12th and the date is Friday. If so, then you will require the date in this format: “Friday, the twelfth of October.” Make sure that you are not forgetting to put the “of” in the middle. You might be confused about whether you write the year or not. Well, the year is not much necessary as most of the wedding is going to be a few days after you send the invitation.

However, if you are inviting people in December and getting married in the January of the next year, you should mention the year. You should also write the year if you are inviting the guest a few months earlier. The date also needs to be spelled out instead of writing in numeric. If the wedding year is 2022, you need to write “two hundred twenty-two”.

If you are not serious about being formal, then you can simply use numbers without any further thoughts. Here is how you need to write this: October 12, 2022. You can also write on Sunday, October 12, 2022.

What about the Time?

If you are going formal, the time on the wedding invitation also needs to be spelled out. We know it can be a hassle to write something like a specific time in words. If you are having the wedding at 3:00 PM, you will require writing at three o’clock in the afternoon. Did you notice that? we will not require mentioning the am/pm after the time. Based on the time, it will be in the morning, in the noon, in the afternoon, or in the evening.

One thing about the time is you can always put numbers instead of the spelling. If you want to put it in the number form, it will be like 03:00 PM in the afternoon. You might also put a duration, which will be like 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm in the afternoon. While using the numeric form, you will require adding the am/pm after the numbers.

Things to Remember While Writing the Date

So, here is the takeout that you should remember while writing the time and date in the wedding invitation:

  1. If it is going to be a formal event, you should write both the time and date in spelled words.
  2. While writing the date, make sure that you are putting comma after the day of the week.
  3. Writing year is not much necessary, but if you want to include year, write in spelling form in the next line.
  4. While writing the date, don’t separate the month and date by a comma. They will be together.
  5. While writing the hours, make sure to put o’clock after that. If there are minutes in the time, you don’t need to put the o’clock.
  6. Don’t write pm/am while spelling out the date and time. Use in the morning, evening, noon, etc. after the time.
  7. If you are writing the time in numbers, you need to put the am/am afterward the time.  
  8. You shouldn’t capitalize the time in the invitation card. However, make sure to capitalize the month name.

Mistakes You Should Avoid in the Wedding Invitation

Here are some of the common mistakes we often notice in wedding invitations. You should try to ignore such mistakes:

  1. If you are not inviting the full family, never write something like “The John Smith Family”. Also, avoid writing something like “Mr. and Mrs. John Smith Family”. This means you are inviting the whole family and they can bring all the members of family that includes kids, grandkids, etc.
  2. Know which words you should capitalize and what not. Sentences will start with a capital letter and so do the name of the people and places. The time (hours and minutes) will be in lower case while the day and months will have capital letter at first.
  3. Be aware of the spelling. Spelling mistake, grammatical error, syntax error, etc. are something you will try to avoid at any cost. Use one specific person (first person or third person).
  4. Make sure that your invitation card design is decent and not messy. Use proper color pattern and fonts.
  5. Make sure the card includes all the details and necessary information. Proofread the words as many times as you can to avoid any mistakes.


Writing the date and time on the invitation letter seems very easy. It’s nothing but a few numbers and words. But they are much more than that.  Not everyone you are inviting can catch the errors in the invitation but the eyes of intellectual one will not miss them. Hope this article will help you to write the date correctly on the wedding invitation.

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