How Much Does a Wedding Invitation Weigh?

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In this era of technology, the tradition of sending physical wedding invitation cards is still in practice. Even in some societies, it is considered a disrespect to invite someone without a wedding invitation card. Although the wedding invitation was sent to the preferred guest by the footman of the bride, currently mails are used widely to send the invitation. While sending the invitation through postal mail, you might need to know how much does wedding invitation weigh.

As it is a piece of paper in an envelope, the weight of the wedding invitation is not much. The usual weight of the wedding invitation is around a few ounces. In the below part of the article, we will discuss how much does a wedding invitation weigh and how it can vary.

How Much Does a Wedding Invitation Weigh?

The weight of the wedding invitation can vary depending on several things. Such as, the weight can be different if there are multiple pieces of paper inside the envelope. Moreover, if the invitation is several pages or uses highly thick papers or card, the weight can be a bit more. In general, the weight of the wedding invitation varies around one or two ounces. Sometimes, they can be less than one ounce too.

It is important to acknowledge the weight of the wedding invitation as you will require putting the stamp based on the weight of it. If your wedding invitation card is one piece, then it chances are high that you will require adding a forever stamp. This stamp is for the wedding invitation that is one ounce or less than one ounce. You will get two pieces of these stamps for around one US dollar.

If your wedding invitation consists of two or multiple pieces, then chances are high that it will be more than one ounce or two ounces. In such a case, you will require a stamp which will cost around seventy cents. If you have no prior experience using the traditional postal service, the postal stamp might confuse you a bit. Well, you can send the invitation envelope without a stamp.

But when they will reach the guests, they might require paying a small postage fee which is not going to be a good idea. So, make sure to use the appropriate stamp with the wedding invitation to avoid any unwanted hassles.

What is Wedding Invitation Size?

The wedding invitation sizes are around 5”x7”. The reason behind this specific size is postage. You might require paying extra when the wedding invitation is bigger. The same statement is true if the envelope comes in different sizes. You will also find some square invitations which will cost you some extra pennies. You will require the seventy-cent stamps for the invitations if they are square no matter what the weight is.

The reason behind this is these invitations cannot be sorted through the postal machine. The postal service will require sorting them manually or by using the hand. That is why it will cost you extra for these. Considering the facts, most of the wedding invitation designer services manufacture the designs at 5”x7”. If you pick some other sizes or variations, make sure to be aware of the extra cost because of the size.

Some Etiquettes to Follow While Sending Wedding Invitation

The wedding invitations include a lot of crucial information about the wedding date, time, and venue. So, it is very important to send the invitations to the guests at the right time and properly so that they can respond as soon as possible. To make wedding invitations more efficient, make sure to follow the below tips:

Send the Invitation at the Right Time

Typically, you will require sending the wedding invitation around six to eight weeks earlier before the wedding. This is enough time for the invitations to reach the guest and come back to you. Sending the invitation quickly also help the guest to arrange their travels if they live long away. Moreover, it becomes easier for you to decide the headcounts of the guests to plan the wedding properly.

Put a Deadline for RSVP

RSVP is a common etiquette that is sent with the wedding invitation. Make sure to put a deadline on the rsvp. This should be around two to three weeks before the wedding. Based on the response of rsvp, you can arrange the seat, catering, and other services based on the headcounts of the guest. If you find guests who don’t respond to the rsvp in time, you can make a call to them to acknowledge whether they get the invitation and whether they are joining or not.

Include All the Information

There is some crucial information that you must share on the wedding invitation and rsvp. The crucial information includes the wedding date, time, location, etc. Some other wedding information like food preference, separate wedding venues, registry info, etc. should be mentioned.

Dress Code

If you are going to have a formal wedding ceremony, make sure to mention this is clearly on the wedding. Write what dresses you will prefer for the day and whatnot. Apart from this, you can also write whether the wedding will be adult only or include the kids.

Does the Thickness of the Invitations Matter?

Yes, the thickness of your wedding invitations can also cost you less or more postal charges. The wedding invitations that come with a 1/4” thickness went through the sorting machine very easily. If it is thicker than that, the invitation will require hand sorting. Sometimes, people add a ribbon on the envelope for beautification, which can increase the thickness and so do the charge. So be aware of it while preparing the invitations.


How much wedding invitation weigh is an important thing to know to purchase the stamps for the invitations. As we said above, the weight of the invitations is around one to two ounces in most cases for the regular invitation envelopes. They might be a bit different in some cases. However, a wedding invitation rarely goes up two ounces.  

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