Mormon Wedding Songs

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If you're considering a Mormon wedding, you might be curious about the traditional hymns and popular songs. Here are some of the best known: Elens Dritter Gesang, The Prayer, and The Book of Mormon. Some wedding songs are also popular with LDS musicians. In addition to the hymns, you'll find many popular songs performed by church choirs. These are a great addition to your wedding ceremony!

Elens Dritter Gesang

"Elen's Third Song" is an excellent choice for a Mormon wedding. The song, originally titled "Ave Maria", is a prayer sung to the Virgin Mary, which Jesus taught his disciples. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Andrea Bocelli have adapted the prayer to music. The original text of the piece comes from the poem "The Lady of the Lake" by Sir Walter Scott.

This song is a favorite of both Ellen and Waymond, whose church weddings include this song. It features the voices of two Mormons: Roderick Dhu and Ellen, who both sing "prayer" to the Virgin Mary. Later on, the couple sings "Ave Maria," which is another popular choice for Mormon wedding songs. While "Ellen's Third Gesang" is generally performed by a solo woman, the song can also be performed by an ensemble of singers.

The Prayer

The Wedding Song in Mormon tradition begins with The Prayer, which requests God's blessing on the couple. The Groom and bride, in the words of the song, pledge their hearts and lives to each other in marriage. They ask for patience and kindness to help them care for each other. They ask for joy and goodness. These are the characteristics of a loving marriage. God is ever-present in their homes. They ask the Lord to bless their marriage and enjoy every moment of it.

Originally, the prayer was sung by Jesus' disciples. It was later set to a melody by Andrea Bocelli and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. A piece by Schubert called "Elen's Third Song" also contains a prayer to the Virgin Mary. Adapted by Andrea Bocelli, this prayer was originally set to music in the early 1900s. It is one of the few religious songs whose lyrics are both familiar and timeless.

The vows are the heart of the service, and the bride and groom make promises to each other that will last forever. They pledge to help each other grow and become the best versions of themselves. Mormon wedding songs are deeply personal and express the bride and groom's entry into a covenant relationship. They're sacred and are a part of the religious life of the couple. You'll find plenty of hymns that are based on the wedding ceremony, but it is important to choose the right one.

The Book of Mormon

During his years in graduate school, Robertson studied the Book of Mormon and chose passages that he felt would make good wedding songs. He then rehearsed them line by line, setting them to music in his mind. As he worked, he realized that he could not always follow the words of the Book of Mormon word-for-word. Instead, the music needed to enhance the words in some way.

Robertson chose to use salient phrases from several passages in the book. This style is intended to heighten the drama of Book of Mormon events. He chose passages from 3 Nephi 8:5--24 to make the text lyrical and enticing. A short excerpt from this passage is provided below. After the bride and groom exchange rings, they kiss. 'Turn It Off' is one of the most popular wedding songs from The Book of Mormon.

Church choirs

The renaming of the Mormon wedding choir may signal more changes to come. The church retains the Mormon name in its Twitter handle. The renaming does not change the sound of the choir. Many Mormons have fond memories of the choir. "Kolob" is an old hymn from the movie "The Sound of Music," which the choir sings at Mormon weddings. The choir sings "Kolob" to the tune "Kingsfold," by Ralph Vaughan Williams.

The traditional part of a church wedding is the singing of hymns. Hymns are a staple of a church wedding service, and can be any hymn. From classic hymns to modern ones, you're sure to find a favorite. Perhaps your parents and grandparents used to sing hymns together at church assemblies, so you'll want to sing a hymn for them! Whatever your favorite piece of music is, there's a choir or singer that can sing it at your wedding.

Gift giving

If you're attending a Mormon wedding, it isn't uncommon for the couple to register for gifts. Normally, wine is a natural choice. However, dietary restrictions mean that wine isn't always appropriate. Instead, consider giving the couple a food gift. It should be around $15-20, and it should not go bad overnight. A gift of sauces and spices will not be appropriate either.

After the wedding, the couple should send a note thanking people for their gifts. Mormon weddings are also very formal affairs, so they will have a wedding dance. Gift giving at the wedding may also be a tradition. After all, the couple is going to spend the rest of their lives together. So, the best way to show your gratitude is to send a gift, and you might even be able to do this at the reception.


Depending on the type of ceremony, your wedding ceremony may involve a civil or temple sealing. This may involve some traveling to the temple. In addition, the timing and location of your wedding ceremony can vary. A temple wedding may be a week or a month before your reception. The type of wedding you have will also affect the songs and timing of your wedding ceremony. You may also be planning a civil wedding or an LDS temple wedding.


When planning the musical entertainment at a Mormon wedding reception, you may be wondering what kind of songs to play. You can choose among the most traditional, or you can find unique, Mormon wedding songs. The reception lasts two or three hours and may include the bride, groom, parents, and attendants. The wedding party will perform these songs, as well as some of your favorite traditional songs. Mormon weddings are quite unique, but there are many songs that will fit the theme.

A Mormon wedding reception is unlike any other wedding ceremony, and it can be intimidating. This traditional wedding has minimal differences, although the faith in Mormons is greater. The reception itself is a celebration and features dancing, music, and a cake cutting ceremony. Some traditions of a Mormon wedding also include a garter toss. To make it special, you should include speeches that highlight the couple and the vows they exchanged.

Depending on the type of wedding, LDS receptions are held after the ring ceremony. These ceremonies are often dry and alcohol-free, but they're no less memorable. Besides the wedding, Latter-day Saint receptions feature awesome music, dance circles, lots of love, and the garter toss. Regardless of the type of music, a reception of mormon wedding songs is sure to please.