The Meaning and Symbolism of Wedding Brooms

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You can find wedding brooms in many places, from your local craft store to a store that sells heirloom items. You can even make your own wedding broom if you wish. You can find instructions for decorating brooms at a craft store and make them yourself. If you'd prefer a personalized wedding broom, you can purchase one from Etsy. The Etsy marketplace offers brooms already made and can also customize them.


The origins of the traditional tradition of jumping the broom are not entirely clear, but there are some theories that point to the early years of the Atlantic World. The broom was probably used as a means of sweeping away evil spirits and other bad energies in West African cultures, and it spread across the Atlantic to the United States. It is likely that sailors carried these traditions with them as they traded westward and eastward, and the broom used at wedding ceremonies originated in those cultures.

While some people ascribe a specific cultural significance to the broom, there are also some instances where it was used as a symbol of forced labour. In the United States, slaves were more likely to jump over a broom to marry, as their masters would not let them marry legally. The broom was used by many enslaved people, and in some cases, a preacher would perform the ceremony.

According to history, the use of a broom as a symbol of marriage dates back to the early 1600s. In the United Kingdom, it was common to place a broom at the entrance of the room, and anyone who refused to cross over it was labeled a witch. In the 18th century, British immigrants brought this tradition to the United States, and it became commonplace. In addition to becoming popular in the United States, the tradition of jumping the broom has also become common among Neo-Pagans.

The use of a broom to jump a wedding ring was a common practice in slave society, which was later adopted by the British. The practice survived into the colonies and was adapted by African Americans during the slavery era. The 1977 television show "Roots" also documented the practice. In its episode, the bride jumped the broom and the groom climbed on top of it.


Wedding brooms can be symbolic for many different reasons. Many couples save theirs and pass it down to their children, or have it made into a decorative piece for their home. They also use the broom as a symbol for their union. Below are the most common meanings of wedding brooms, including the symbolism of marriage and their families. Aisha Thomas, an event planner in Los Angeles, explains the meaning of wedding brooms.

Wedding brooms are thought to have originated in West Africa, where they were used to sweep away evil spirits and negative energy. The 18th century Europeans claimed Ghana was very clean, and attributed this to the brooms that were made locally. As a result, the symbolism has become an important part of the wedding. While this ritual may seem silly to most of us, it has many profound meanings for the wedding ceremony.

As a newlywed couple, you may have heard of the tradition of jumping the broom. During the ceremony, a close family member or bridal party member places a broom in front of the newly married couple and they leap over it. The act symbolizes the beginning of a new life together, and can be a memorable event for your guests. The custom of jumping the broom has a long history, and it is still popular in some cultures.

A traditional African wedding custom is jumping the broom, in which the couple leaps over a long broom. This tradition is also practiced by some Black couples. While the term was derived from African culture, it has now been altered due to its association with slavery. It is still considered an important ritual for Black weddings, and it's often passed down from generation to generation. If you're planning a wedding in the African tradition, it is important to know the history of the broom.


Brooms are a traditional symbol of marriage. A wedding broom is usually three feet long, with a wooden handle and natural bristles. Many couples use brooms to include their guests in the wedding ceremony by decorating it with ribbons, flowers, and decorative paper. Some couples also have their guests write their names on decorative paper to place on the broom. It is said that the broom symbolizes well wishes for the couple entering their new marriage.

While the origins of the jump over the broom are disputed, the practice dates back to the 1600s in West Africa. Ghanaian brooms had the spiritual power to sweep away evil spirits. In addition, waving a broom over the heads of a newly married couple symbolized their commitment to clean up the household and build a new family. The jump signified a commitment to the new husband and wife and their new home. It also symbolically sealed the relationship between the couple.

Brooms were traditionally used to sweep away negative energy and ward off evil spirits. As the brooms would be waved over the heads of the married couple, couples would then jump over them at the end of the ceremony. The jump over the broom was meant to represent the couple's willingness to clean the courtyard and their overall commitment to the household. In some cultures, jumping over the broom represented the husband's decision-making role, while in others, it symbolized the wife's willingness to do the household chores.

Originally, jumping the broom was an African American tradition that was popularized after the Civil War. Slave owners had no legal right to marry, and therefore, jumping the broom was an alternative way to declare a marriage. In addition to honoring the ancestors, the jump over the broom symbolizes a new beginning and the sweeping away of the past. The broom's handle and bristles represent the families and the couples themselves. The ribbon on the broom also represents the three-strand cord.


There are many variations of the broom jump at a wedding. This custom originated among the Druid, Celtic, and Welsh people. Although Romani Gypsies are widely credited with the tradition's origin, it was probably Wales that first made it popular. Romani wedding brooms were made from flowering broom shrubs. They symbolized union. In the Welsh ceremony, a broom was placed at an angle in the back door of a church. As a symbol of union, the groom hopped over the broom before the bride. This was thought to protect the newlyweds from an evil state of mind.

Most wedding brooms are made from natural bristles and are usually about three feet long. Some brides choose to decorate them themselves. Many attach silk ribbons and fresh flowers to them. Some couples even incorporate a poem, prayer, or other sentiments to them. In any case, brooms symbolize the beginning of a new life as a married couple. And they are a symbol of happiness and prosperity.

The broom has many traditions and symbolisms. It is often associated with the home's front door, but it also has a Pagan tradition, and many Africans and Celtics incorporate it into their wedding ceremonies. Although many modern brides don't choose to use a broom at their wedding, it is an important part of a wedding ceremony. If you're planning a wedding in the U.S., consider hiring a planner to make your special day unforgettable. The following are some common variants of wedding brooms.

For a more traditional wedding, consider buying a decorated broom from a craft store. These can be custom made or store-bought. Depending on your wedding colors, you can even decorate a standard household broom and add your own decorative touches. Then, the wedding couple can jump over the broom to begin their recessional. As T.D. Jakes remarked in a recent article about a movie that featured a broom, you can use one of these for your own ceremony.


Whether you're getting married in a rustic setting or in a city, wedding brooms are the perfect prop to make your ceremony more unique. These traditional wooden tools have a history that dates back centuries, and the availability of wedding brooms ensures that you'll have plenty to choose from. In addition to being a beautiful decoration, wedding brooms are also great symbols of marriage, since many couples choose to keep them for future generations.

While there are many ways to use a wedding broom, jumping the broom is perhaps the most famous. In most instances, the broom is placed in front of the newlyweds as they exit the ceremony. The broom is placed by the bridal party, a close relative, or both, and the couple jumps over it. In some cultures, the act is a symbol of sweeping away the old and bringing in the new. If you're planning a traditional ceremony, broom jumping is an excellent way to add a memorable moment.

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