Where to Buy Civil Wedding Licenses

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You are planning a civil wedding in Cebu and you are wondering where to buy wedding licenses. You have several options. In the Philippines, the Philippine Postal Corporation (PPC) has resumed international mail delivery to select countries. You can also avail of special courier services through FedEx, whose charges are billed to the requester. In order to acquire a marriage license, you will need to apply for it at the local civil registrar. Depending on the town, the process may be slightly different.

Cost of a civil wedding

A civil wedding can cost around Php 3,000 to 5,000. A civil ceremony does not require a full photo coverage, but a basic package will include a wedding formal photo and 100 or 150 high-resolution photos. You can also opt for an affordable photographer, who might be a student or budding photographer. Alternatively, you can ask your friends and relatives for recommendations. This way, you can avoid spending too much on a photographer that cannot deliver what they promise.

A civil wedding requires a judge who officiates the ceremony. This service costs Php 700. A pastor can officiate the wedding ceremony for a higher fee. Guests can stay at the same venue as the ceremony. Civil weddings are more intimate and budget-friendly. A civil ceremony can be conducted at any venue and are more personal, so it's less costly for the bride and groom. However, it's still important to have an attorney on hand.

A civil ceremony also requires fewer expenses and pressures than a church wedding. It also serves the purpose of reminding both the bride and groom that they are married. Moreover, a civil wedding is recognized by the state. Therefore, couples who are not religious or don't wish to get married in a church can opt for a civil wedding. Regardless of the choice, a civil ceremony will still be beautiful and memorable.

Cost of a judge

The cost of a judge for a civil wedding varies from city to city. A judge will charge Php8,000 or more per ceremony. A pastor will charge about the same amount. The ceremony and reception can take place at the same location. Civil weddings are generally less expensive and do not require the attendance of the entire barangay. However, judges will charge more for weekend weddings in beautiful locations.

For those who prefer to have a religious ceremony, a minister or a pastor will charge you Php 8,000 or more. You can also bring a judge to the venue, which can be a hassle if the municipal hall is closed on weekends. However, you'll need to have a marriage license to marry anywhere in the Philippines. A civil wedding license costs P50,000 to P300,000, depending on the number of guests.

You can have your civil wedding in the Supreme Court or at another location, such as a nature reserve. The Supreme Court justice can also perform civil weddings outside of the court. A public park or garden is a great place to hold a civil wedding on the weekend. Depending on the number of guests attending, you can save more by choosing a more intimate venue. Alternatively, you can have your civil wedding at a nature reserve, which will probably be less expensive.

Cost of flowers

The most important part of the Filipino wedding is the flower arrangement. From the bridal bouquet to the boutonniere, the flower arrangement is a must-have for any wedding. Besides the flowers, other important elements include the centerpiece and floral decors. The cost of flowers for civil wedding in Cebu is relatively cheap when compared to other wedding locations in the Philippines. Listed below are some of the most popular flower shops in Cebu.

In the Philippines, most venues are allowed to be decorated. Using lanterns, fairy lights, and other items can add to the romantic atmosphere. Guests can help organize the program. This will help keep the wedding budget low. It will be possible to hold a civil wedding with a low-budget, but it will not be as elaborate or as beautiful as a religious one. If you're unsure of what to purchase, look for wedding decorations online.

A civil wedding in Cebu will require a judge. The fees for this ceremony will vary from city to city, but you can expect to pay around Php 8000. Pastors and other clergy charge similar fees for their services. A civil wedding is more intimate, and a lot less expensive. You can choose between air-conditioned churches that do not have choirs. And, the cost of a judge will depend on where you plan to hold your ceremony.

Cost of a photographer

Although a civil wedding does not require extensive photo coverage, it is important to consider the cost of hiring a professional. Even a basic package can cost Php 3,000 to 5,000, which includes the couple's formal photo and between 100 and 150 high-resolution pictures. Cheap wedding photographers may be students or budding photographers. Referrals from friends or existing networks can also help you find a photographer who is affordable and reliable.

While most couples opt for a formal church wedding, others prefer to have an informal city hall wedding. Both types require valid IDs as proof of identity and to authenticate the data provided. Once the marriage license is issued, it is valid for 120 days. Having a photographer at the ceremony is a great way to commemorate this important day. You can choose a package that will meet your budget and your wedding plans.

If you want to save money on wedding photography, you may want to consider getting a civil wedding in Cebu. The civil wedding process involves fewer expenses and pressures than a traditional church wedding. You'll have more time to enjoy your special day instead of worrying about getting married in a church. In fact, 41.6% of all marriages in the Philippines are civil. It's possible to find a photographer for under PHP 3,000 if you know where to look for them.

Cost of a videographer

The cost of a videographer for a civil wedding in Cebu will depend on several factors. Depending on the city, this service may be free or slightly more expensive. If you want a more elaborate video coverage, you can opt for a videographer. However, if you are on a budget, you can always opt for a basic package that only covers the ceremony. This package will usually cost you Php 3,000 to 5,000.

Generally, the higher the videographer's fee, the more formats they will provide. For example, a videographer that charges PS2,000 will most likely give you DVDs and Blu-Ray disks, which are ideal for sharing with friends and family. In addition to the videos, you'll also get a highlight reel, which is perfect for sharing with friends. While the latter option is more expensive, you can always opt for a videographer that charges PS2,500 or more.

Another important factor is the location. If you're having your wedding at a church, you may want to hire a videographer to capture the day. However, civil weddings require a judge to officiate the ceremony. You can also hire a pastor for a slightly higher fee. As long as both of you are willing to pay the cost, a videographer is a good choice.

Cost of a church wedding

The cost of a church wedding in Cebu may vary, but the ceremony is the same no matter where it takes place. Depending on the type of ceremony you opt for, you can expect the ceremony to cost anywhere from Php 5,000 to Php 975,000. This amount may seem high, but the average working Filipino cannot afford such a lavish wedding. If you want to keep your wedding costs down, it might be a good idea to choose an intimate location, instead of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars. It may also be better to not borrow a lot of money for such a lavish ceremony, since you might not be able to afford it.

Some churches charge a fixed amount for their services, and they also offer a wedding package. For example, if you are getting married in a church, the cost of a wedding ceremony at a parish in Cebu will be around P5,000 to P10,000. You should also expect to pay honoraria to the church choir and other extras. If you're hiring a freelance photographer, the price will probably be around P5,000-P20,000, depending on what services you want. If you're thinking about hiring a professional, you'll be able to find those on social media and look for their portfolios.

If you're on a budget, church weddings are not that expensive. Typically, a Catholic church wedding costs Php 7,000 to P10,000. This amount includes the officiating priest, choir, altar floral decoration, electricity, and any decorations on the middle aisle. A church wedding will also not require bridesmaids to wear fancy wedding gowns, but they should wear a formal white dress.