Where to Buy QALO Wedding Bands

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Choosing where to buy QALO wedding bands should be based on your lifestyle. If you're active and outdoorsy, you'll want a band that can handle a life of physical activity. If you're not an athlete, you should consider getting a band with a more traditional design that will still look stunning. QALO rings are made of silicone, a material that's hypoallergenic and non-conductive. Besides being hypoallergenic, they won't break or stretch when exposed to an active lifestyle.

QALO rings are made of silicone

Qalo rings are made from 100% medical grade silicone, a material that is naturally resistant to extreme temperatures and pressure. While silicone is not a plastic, it is a polymer composed of silica, oxygen, and other elements. Silica is the most abundant substance found on Earth and is the main constituent of over 95 percent of all known rocks. Silicone is a highly durable and comfortable material that can stand up to everyday wear and tear.

It's worth noting that silicone is non-toxic and recyclable, which is an important feature for people who are allergic to metal. It can even be turned into non-hazardous materials through the burning process. As a result, silicone rings are safe for everyday use, and they can even be worn in situations where wearing a traditional wedding ring would be unsafe. However, this material is not suitable for every situation, so you should consult with a doctor before wearing them.

While metal rings are the most popular choice for engagements and wedding bands, silicone rings are ideal for active people. Their comfort level is enhanced by the fact that they can be worn around the clock. Silicone rings are comfortable enough to wear for work, travel, and exercise, yet durable enough to last for years. If you're worried about the price, silicone rings are also a cost-effective alternative. You can wear them in a number of different situations, including the gym or outdoor activities.

They are hypoallergenic

If you're worried about allergies, Qalo wedding bands are a good choice. These rings are hypoallergenic, heat-resistant, non-conductive, and stretchable. Because of their high quality, they're even hypoallergenic. In addition to their hypoallergenic and conductive properties, Qalo wedding bands have other benefits, including lifetime warranties and exchanges. The company is also known for its Give Back Rings, which are a collaboration with nonprofit groups to help a particular cause.

Many people suffer from contact dermatitis due to metal allergies, so choosing a hypoallergenic ring is an excellent option. However, not all silicone rings are hypoallergenic. Some have other elements, which can cause problems with skin sensitivity. Because QALO only uses the highest quality silicone, you're guaranteed to have an allergy-free ring. Moreover, these hypoallergenic rings are flexible, light, and strong, making them a great choice for those with sensitive skin.

While Qalo has many great qualities, their wedding band line is not without flaws. Although their Strata rings are made of high-quality silicone, they're still made from a very thin, stretchy, and hypoallergenic material. The Strata ring is available in 14 different colors and features etched designs. The Knot Theory ring, meanwhile, is a minimalist, beveled design made of 100% hypoallergenic silicone rubber and stainless steel molds.

They are nonconductive

The company behind Qalo wedding bands is dedicated to making them safe for active lifestyles. The Qalo ring is virtually nonconductive. As a non-conductive material, it is completely safe for sensitive skin. The Qalo ring is also heat-resistant, hypoallergenic, and stretchable. It is also designed to break or stretch on expansion. The designers are among the most busy in the industry. Their website is full of new designs and collections, and the company's Give Back Rings program donates a portion of your purchase to a nonprofit organization.

Another important feature of Qalo wedding rings is their low conductivity. Some metals are conductive, but not Qalo. Some metals, such as gold, silver, and copper, are completely safe for use in electrical equipment. Non-conductive rings are made of materials like medical-grade silicone, wood, resin, and carbon fiber. Despite its low conductivity, Qalo wedding bands can still be worn by those working with electronics and sensitive circuits.

Women can use Qalo wedding bands to protect their traditional rings and continue enjoying their active lifestyle. This silicone ring is made of medical-grade silicone, so it feels completely invisible on your finger. The nonconductive nature of Qalo also makes them ideal for active lifestyles. Because the silicone is non-conductive, they can protect the traditional rings from getting damaged while playing sports or performing other physical activities. They also help to extend the life of your marriage.

They stretch or break upon expansion

When choosing your wedding band, look for one that will stretch or break upon expansion. Silicone rings don't rust and last much longer than metal bands. They are also hypoallergenic, non-conductive, and heat-resistant. You can also purchase a lifetime warranty or exchange the band if it doesn't fit. Qalo wedding bands are the latest trend in ring design. Founded by Ted Baker and KC Holiday, Qalo was created out of frustration and the need for an active wedding band.

Compared to cutting, stretching a ring is easier than resizing it. However, this method compromises the overall strength of the ring, and it may distort the shape of your engagement ring. Also, it may lead to the breakage of a gem. The ring may break, warp, or stretch in a weak spot. So, before you attempt this process, be sure to use the proper tools.

They are customizable

If you have a very special occasion coming up, consider wearing a ring designed by QALO. The silicone-based bands can be customized and range in price from $20 to $40. If your ring falls off, you can buy a replacement silicone band online and have it delivered before your significant other even notices. You don't have to worry about losing or misplacing your ring, either. Unlike metal wedding bands, these silicone rings do not require any special security measures. And if you prefer to wear a metal ring, you'll be happy to know that they don't need extra security measures to remain in place.

For the perfect ring, QALO offers custom engraving services, allowing you to include up to twelve characters in the band's engraving. You can include a special saying or message, as well as initials or dates. You can even order diamonds with your ring if you'd like to add some sparkle. You can also buy diamonds with your ring, and if you want to take it a step further, you can use them as a down payment or as a gift.

Since Qalo's products are made of silicone, they're completely waterproof. This means that they'll last a lifetime. Qalo also offers lifetime warranties on its silicone rings, so they're completely worry-free. However, you might want to consider sizing carefully, as some of their styles are made to fit small fingers or are oversized. Qalo's prices are still relatively cheap, and they also offer engraving.

They are affordable

You'll find Qalo wedding bands are extremely affordable. The company offers a lifetime warranty and a one-time exchange guarantee. The latter means you can exchange your ring for a different size or color at any time without the need to pay a replacement fee. Unlike other online retailers, Qalo will ask you for your contact details if there is any damage to the product. Otherwise, you can ask for store credit.

Whether you're buying a ring for a wedding or for a casual date, QALO rings are affordable. They combine the polished edge of metal with the extreme durability of silicone to provide an incredible value. These ring styles also feature easy customization options. And the cost is a deciding factor. A basic Qalo ring costs $15 to $30. Special editions and collection pieces can run as high as $160.

QALO is an American company that makes silicone rings. QALO stands for Quality Athletics Love Outdoors, and their rings are made of food-grade silicone. They are also highly durable and comfortable. They can withstand intense activity. That's why athletes and professional sportspeople choose Qalo rings. They don't move around and won't rip like metal. The company offers discounts for military and first responders, which are both important to the safety of their spouses.

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