Where to Buy Small Wedding Bouquets For Cheap

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If you are on a tight budget and want a beautiful flower bouquet, but don't want to spend a fortune, you can find small wedding bouquets for cheap at local stores. Some ideas include FiftyFlowers, Bloominous, Zuzu's, Sam's Club, and even at your local supermarket. These options are sure to please your guests, and you won't regret them! Read on to find out where to buy small wedding bouquets for cheap.


If you're planning a rustic, bohemian wedding, a wildflower bouquet might be right for you. FiftyFlowers has a selection of bouquets featuring eucalyptus, garden roses, and more. Choose from pale orange roses, tulips, or bearded iris for your wedding day. You can customize the bouquet to include whatever color you desire, too!

For a more casual look, choose an astilbe - a naturally eye-catching flower that pairs well with leaves and stems. This type of flower works well when paired with long ribbons that elongate the look. Choosing silk or satin ribbon can accentuate the small profile of the posy. For a more elegant look, coordinate the ribbon with the color of the flowers. If you are unsure about how to arrange your bouquet, Sarah offers some tips to help you get started.

Ordering from FiftyFlowers is easy. The wholesale flowers and greenery are delivered overnight. You can order flowers for a large wedding or just a small wedding bouquet. FiftyFlowers offers free shipping and a 100% event date guarantee. You can browse their selection by color, style, or price. You'll be sure to find the perfect flowers for your wedding day! If you are not a florist, don't worry! FiftyFlowers has hundreds of pre-arranged wedding packages for your convenience. They'll also send you a free flower recipe and a guide to floral arrangements.

A petite floral arrangement is the perfect choice for a rustic or retro wedding. You can choose to use the colors of the flowers that you love, or go with a more classic, simple, or even wild wedding bouquet. No matter your style, a petite posy is sure to complement your wedding color and theme. Just be sure to check your local florist for ways to save money on your wedding flowers. You can even try different colors in a small bouquet, and a floral designer can help you decide which combination of flowers will look best with your wedding bouquet.

Sam’s Club

While Costco and other specialty stores are a great place to find inexpensive wedding flowers, Sam's Club offers a wide variety of floral arrangements ranging from rustic to formal. A small wedding bouquet is typically under $100 and bridesmaid bouquets and boutonnieres can be found at the same place. The floral arrangements range in price from $140 to $1,129 for a 42-piece arrangement. However, most couples opt to purchase bouquets and corsages in the $250-750 range.

In addition to a selection of small wedding bouquets, Sam's Club carries several other types of wedding flowers. The exclusive Bright Wedding Collection features flowers in shades of ultra-violet, Pantone's 2018 color of the year. This bouquet includes calla lilies, which originate from Africa. These exotic flowers have a tropical aura and are known for their fragrant aromas. The bright collection is hand-arranged in Florida and comes with a cream-colored satin ribbon.

You can also opt for silk wedding flowers, if you're on a tight budget. Silk flowers are an excellent alternative to fresh flowers, but can become pricey if you're not careful. For a more unique look, consider using dried florals and lifelike paper flowers. Silk flowers can be expensive, but they won't lose the scent of real flowers and can be used as keepsakes.

Some brides choose to use their original wedding bouquet for the bouquet toss. Others, however, choose to purchase a separate bouquet for the ceremony. Whatever choice you make, it's important to choose the flowers that best suit your wedding. A wedding bouquet can be an excellent way to highlight your attire, but don't forget to select flowers for the bridal party, too. If you're looking for cheap wedding flowers, Sam's Club has an extensive collection of floral supplies.


A Bloominous wedding bouquet is a beautiful way to show off your love for one another. It is easy to make and looks beautiful. These bouquets can be ordered up to a year in advance. To ensure you'll receive your flowers in time for your wedding, you should place your order early. Service representatives will communicate with you throughout the process, sending helpful information and setting up a call with you to discuss delivery and pricing.

You can buy your wedding flowers wholesale from online sources like Bloominous. You can find high-quality flowers at affordable prices. The company has carefully curated designer collections for weddings and offers tutorials so you can make the perfect flower arrangement. Alternatively, you can buy bulk wedding flowers from local bulk stores. Bulk stores often have a great selection of flowers, including inexpensive options. This option is especially helpful if you're on a tight budget.

A posy of lavender roses looks opulent. It is complemented by a chocolate lace flower, white anemones, and variegated pittosporum. A sweet pink astilbe bouquet, created by Sweet Sarabelle, is a charming choice. The flowers at Jaclyn Journey's shop are mismatched with greenery. Another wedding flower vendor is Ciara Harte Barry, who uses vibrant colors and greenery for her bouquet. Another vendor offers a white peony posy, which is perfect for a winter wedding. You can also find small white peony posy from Flowers by Janie. Several other vendors sell dried flower sprays and other items for a beautiful floral arrangement.

The astilbe, which is naturally eye-catching, makes a beautiful wedding flower. It is also great for the "less is more" style, and can be used to create a posy of several flowers. You can also combine stems and leaves of other flowers, such as lilies of the valley, to create a dainty single-stem bouquet. There is no limit to the creativity you can create with a Bloominous small wedding bouquet.


If you're looking for a beautiful bouquet for your wedding, you've come to the right place. From small bouquets to large, Zuzu's has the perfect floral arrangement for your special day. Their expert florists work within your budget while bringing decades of experience to the table. Even the smallest details like the wedding cake can be beautifully executed by their staff. This is where to buy small wedding bouquets that will get you noticed!

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While Zuzu's can provide a quick bouquet for a City Hall or Brooklyn elopement, they prefer to chat with their customers several weeks or months in advance of the wedding. However, they do offer next-day delivery for small weddings with up to 50 guests. For larger events, it's best to plan ahead at least four months in advance. If you're in Park Slope, Zuzu's only offers next-day delivery. The minimum order is $65 plus tax.

When planning the wedding, you'll have to choose your color scheme carefully. Colorful, unique, and elegant, Zuzu's flower arrangements will set the mood for the big day. In the end, you'll have a beautiful wedding day that will be remembered for years to come. So choose your colors and get ready to celebrate! Now is the perfect time to find the perfect flowers for your wedding day!

Zuzu’s Brooklyn

If you're planning a quick wedding in Brooklyn, Zuzu's Flowers is the place to go for a small wedding bouquet. While they can arrange bouquets for City Hall ceremonies and elopements, they would prefer to talk to customers months before the date of the wedding. Planning a small wedding with less than 100 guests can be done two weeks to a month in advance, while larger weddings require four months' notice. If you are in Park Slope, Zuzu's can deliver flowers on the day of your event. Next-day delivery is only available for small wedding bouquets, but they have a minimum order of $65 plus tax.

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