Where to Get Wedding Guest Books

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If you're not sure where to find the perfect guest book for your wedding, there are some great ideas for you to consider. There are also many options to choose from, including a polaroid photo guest book or a Signing frame. Here are a few examples to get you started:

Signing frame

Rather than a traditional guest book, consider using a signature frame. These signature frames are made of highly polished silver alloy. A Signature Engraving Scribe signature is placed in the frame and can last a lifetime. They compliment any home decor and make for a beautiful alternative to a traditional guest book. You can even have the names and wedding date engraved on the frame. The signature frame can accommodate up to 100 guest signatures and a 5"x7" photo.

A signature frame is a nice way to display your wedding guest book. It keepsakes your wedding day and provides a nice keepsake for your guests. This style also works well for other special occasions, such as an anniversary or milestone. You can hang your guest book to remember the day for years to come. If you want to use it as a keepsake, consider a plum-colored book. This color has cultural meaning and is an excellent choice for your wedding guest book.

If you want a more traditional guest book, you can choose a lined ledger. Another option is a repurposed book, a piece of game equipment, or a polaroid picture. A guest book can be more unique if it incorporates a guest book cover. You can also incorporate a custom cover that is made just for your guests. If you choose a velvet cover, you can dress it up even more. This style is perfect for fall weddings, or a personalized touch.

Polaroid photo guest book

Instead of a traditional guest book, consider making a Polaroid scrapbook instead. You can purchase disposable polaroids on Etsy for a few dollars a piece and insert them into the guest book. Or, you can insert them in a specific order. For an organic feel, order the photos by who took them. If you prefer to keep them in a particular order, you should have a basket with polaroids for guests to place their photos in. Having a separate basket for polaroids will make it easy to identify the pictures later.

Unlike traditional guest books, a Polaroid guest book is unique in several ways. Instead of putting names and addresses on the pages, guests sign a picture with a pen on the white border. This keeps the book looking cleaner and reduces the chance of unsavory writing. Aside from using a pen, guests can even use doodles and notes to leave their signatures on the photos.

A polaroid photo guest book has many benefits. A spiral cover makes it easy to lay the book flat, which prevents the pages from creasing. In addition to the spiral binding, a Polaroid guest book also features a hard cover. Moreover, the black "Guest book" wording is debossed on the cover, which contrasts with the pink and white background.


One way to save money is by making your own wedding guest book. You can design your book yourself or assign the project to a family member who enjoys creating things. Regardless of what you choose, you'll have a keepsake to display for years to come. You can also use your book to start a tradition for the newlyweds, such as a giant photo strip.

In addition to your wedding photos, a Shutterfly photo book is a lovely way to preserve your engagement and wedding photos. You can use these albums to showcase your engagement photos, wedding photos, and honeymoon photographs. Plus, they're inexpensive and easy to customize, so everyone can participate! Here's a look at how to create a Shutterfly photo book. Once you've designed it, make sure to give it as a thoughtful gift to your guests.

If you're planning a wedding in the near future, a Shutterfly photo book is a beautiful way to commemorate the special day and remember the people who made it so special. They are completely customizable, and you can customize the pages to match the theme of your wedding. You can even display a beautiful engagement photo on the cover! You can choose a variety of book sizes to suit your budget and your venue.

Christian Lacroix

When you're planning your dream wedding, a guest book from Christian Lacroix will fit the bill. The company's designs are known for their flamboyant colours, extravagance, and bold patterning. Inspired by the costumes and accessories of historical figures, Christian Lacroix pushed the boundaries of fashion, forgoing the minimalism trend in favor of a bird-of-paradise aesthetic. The company's creations extend beyond the realm of couture to explore other areas of design, including homeware.

This beautiful guest book is made of raw-edge paper with a botanical monogram and your names in gorgeous script. You can even customize the color of the paper with the shop owner. This elegant guest book will look beautiful on your coffee table for years to come. You can even have it customized with your engagement picture on the front. This will give your guests a personalized keepsake of your wedding day, and they can sign it with a metallic pen.

Sonya Guest Book

A beautiful guest book can add a special touch to your wedding. The Sonya Guest Book is made from ivory tulle and embellished with beaded appliques. You can also use it as a wedding ring pillow, flower basket, or as a guest book. It's the perfect wedding gift for the couple who want to create a timeless and elegant look. Here are some ideas for guest books:

Christian Lacroix foil-stamped guest book

This elegant foil-stamped wedding guest book by Christian Lacroix features a gold-toned hardcover embossed with the Paseo design. Inside, pages are unruled ivory with chevron striped ribbon and gold foil-patterned endpapers. Inspired by 19th-century Spanish bullfighter capes, the Paseo design features a kaleidoscopic pattern in gold on the pages. The material is faux leather.

The gold-stamped design on the inside cover of this guest book is a charming touch for a romantic, luxuriant wedding. A chevron-style bookmark adds a touch of fun. Guests can stick in a photo from the photo booth or leave a note on a nearby page. Each page of the guest book contains a blank space for guests to write their names, and the gold-stamped cover and pages are luxuriously finished.

A roaring '20s-inspired wedding might call for a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed guest book. These elegant books are available with signage that evokes the era. The guest book is also a great keepsake box or decorative binder. You can use it to capture memories as the days go by and keep it forever. And, if you're planning a roaring-'20s-themed wedding, this book is perfect.

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