When Should You Book Hair And Makeup For Wedding

Every bride aspires to look her very best on the day of her wedding. The key to achieving that flawless look is through perfect makeup and hairstyling. This brings us to an important question: when is the right time to book your wedding hair and makeup sessions? Continue below for valuable advice on the most appropriate timing to arrange your hair and makeup appointments.

It's not like that you just go to the parlor or make-up artist the day before your wedding and complete it shortly. Hair and make-up for makeup require a lot of preparation. For that, you have to book with a make-up artist. Booking time can be days, weeks, or even months. In this article, we will help you to know when the ideal time to book hair and makeup.

When Should You Book Hair And Makeup For Wedding

It is very difficult to say when is the right time to book hair and makeup for a wedding. Because there are some issues involved in which the duration varies. The following paragraph will discuss an average time frame that you need to know.

Along with other wedding details, it is important to set the bride's hair and make-up promptly. Because the invitees wait for the bride at the wedding. If you are a bride, book your hair and make-up before the wedding moment approaches. However, it is best to schedule an appointment for hair and makeup at least three to six months before your wedding day.

The earlier you book a makeup schedule before the wedding, your look will also be guaranteed to be ready at the right time. Also, you may want to take a second makeup trial in the middle of the wedding. Then include it in the makeup contract in advance or make a separate appointment.

When to Book Hair Stylist

Hair setting is very time-consuming. Her time can vary based on the quality of her hair. Some brides even plan to color or cut their hair which requires a good amount of time. To color the hair, you have to start the process at least two weeks in advance so that the color can fit well with the hair.

Additionally, a stylish hair setup is the dream of many brides. You should book at least three or six months in advance to bring the above huge changes to your hair. If you do not have any plans to color or cut your hair, confirm the booking in 2-3 months. Overall, hire a professional artist as soon as possible to get your hair set up nicely.

When to Book Makeup

You might be wondering why you have to book makeup so long before the wedding. Well, an experienced makeup artist or popular makeup parlor has a month-long work booking schedule. Now if you want to get make-up on time, you must have enough time in your hand to confirm it.

Before taking make-up service, you must check whether they are a wedding make-up specialist. Because you don't want to ruin your big day with incompetent hand makeup Also, makeup is so sensitive to brides that they don't want to wear makeup without popular makeup artists.

Things To Know Before You Book Hair And Makeup For Wedding

If you are thinking of getting hair and makeup for the first time, there are some things you should know in advance. Keeping those in mind will make it easier for you to schedule a booking. Check them out carefully.

Wedding Season

There is a picky season for weddings when lots of wedding events are performed. Now check if your wedding date falls in PK season. If so, confirm the booking for make-up immediately, otherwise, it will be difficult to get make-up service on time. This is because the makeup artists are busier during the wedding season than at other times of the year. Then it became very tough to get on their schedule.

Wedding Time

Decide to book makeup considering your wedding time. Because summer and winter day makeup will not be the same. Decide to book makeup considering your wedding time. Because summer and winter day makeup will not be the same.

Maintaining makeup on a hot day is a bit challenging. Because of the frequent sweating at this time, there is a possibility that the make-up will melt. So it is advisable to have a make-up artist with you on the wedding day to take care of your skin. As a result, it is your responsibility to measure the time in terms of booking makeup.

Makeup Artist’s Schedule

If you want to get your makeup service through a popular or celebrity artist, book it six to 1 year in advance. Because popular and professional makeup artists are much more demanding than other artists. So you have to spend a lot of time to get their schedule.

Makeup Type And Style

Not all brides wear the same style of makeup. Moreover, not all types of makeup are suitable for everyone's skin. So think about applying makeup according to your skin tone. You should book a make-up artist who has the necessary products for make-up related to your skin.

Now if you are a user of a high brand or rare product then for some reason it may be missing from the artist. In that case, you have to give him time to bring. So consider this matter and select the booking time.

How Much Can Wedding Hair And Makeup Cost?

This is a common question we get from visitors. Makeup cost depends on many things like product price, product brand, and quality, makeup style, makeup artist's charge. However, overall it can cost between $300 and $1000 per person or more.

However, the amount of this cost will vary according to the location, wedding season, and makeup artist's demand. Again if you hire a makeup artist for the whole day, the amount of cost will increase even more.


Hair setup and makeup are the way to present the best look to the bride on her wedding day. For this, it should be handled with the highest priority. So it is essential to book hair and make-up at a certain time before marriage.

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