Where to Get Wedding Items in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Reese’s Island

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If you've been looking for a place to purchase ACNH wedding items, this article will give you some pointers. You can find almost every item that you'll ever need. These items can be purchased at the Cyrus shop in Harvey's island or in Reese's island. You can also find the items at ACbellsbuy.com, a website devoted to selling ACNH wedding items.


As the new wedding season is quickly approaching, players may be wondering: "Where to get Animal Crossing wedding items?" The first and most obvious place to find this content is the game's nook shopping system. You can purchase wedding-themed decorations and furniture in the nook. As you complete the required quests, you can then spend Heart Crystals to purchase the wedding-themed items you desire. After you have purchased the wedding-themed furniture and decorations, head to the shop to begin decorating your home.

To purchase wedding-themed items, you'll need to collect Heart Crystals (Cyrus' currency). You can collect up to five Heart Crystals per photo shoot, which you can then use to purchase the wedding-themed items you want from Cyrus. In addition, you can give Heart Crystals to the villagers as gifts. When given to them, they will prompt a unique dialogue. Then, once you have a large enough collection of these items, you can purchase wedding-themed items for Cyrus.

You can customize items in the shop by placing them in storage boxes multiple times. Then, take a picture of your set to give to Reese and receive a Wedding Bench. In addition to the wedding bench, you can also trade Heart Crystals to buy various furniture from Cyrus. In order to make your own furniture, you'll need to place it in the storage box multiple times. Then, you can place it in a storage box to earn more Heart Crystals.

The Wedding Season will feature over 20 different items to purchase. Some of these items are craftable while others must be collected from Cyrus. Some of these items will cost you lots of Heart Crystals, but some will be given to you as a gift from Reese. A few of these items can even be obtained by completing Photo Shoots! And don't forget to collect those heart crystals because they are the key to unlocking wedding items!


The first time you see Cyrus and Reese is in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The two alpacas are now married and need your help celebrating their wedding. As a result, you can find a variety of wedding items in the shop. Afterward, you can speak to Reese to have her create wedding items for you. As a reward, you will also receive Heart Crystals.

You can also use your NookPhone to take pictures of the couple and the furniture they have chosen. The rewards will be wedding-themed items from Cyrus and Reese. You can even get custom-made wedding benches if you complete the game in one day! Reese will also judge you on your decorating skills based on your most recent photo. However, remember that you can always trade these items for more items by sacrificing a few Heart Crystals.

You can also use the heart crystals to purchase furniture. If you take a lot of photos of Cyrus and Reese during the Wedding Season event, you will earn Heart Crystals, which are the main currency in the event. The more furniture you have, the better. To make your wedding even more special, you can also trade with Cyrus to purchase more furniture. And once you have a set of wedding items, you can decorate your house as you want.

Another way to earn Wedding Season themed items is to complete Photo Shoots. By completing these photo shoots, you can collect Heart Crystals and trade them to Cyrus for wedding furniture. You can earn a maximum of 11 Heart Crystals per day in the first six days of the Wedding Season. After unlocking all the wedding items, you can earn up to 15 Heart Crystals a day.

Harvey’s island

If you're looking for ways to get more wedding items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you've come to the right place. On the island of Harvey, players can find various wedding items that aren't available in other games. After the game is over, the players can visit Reese and Cyrus, who are special guests of Wedding Season. They're celebrating their anniversary in June, so they're in need of decorations for their wedding photos.

You can also exchange your heart crystals with the people of Harv's Island to receive items for your wedding. The hearts will be given to the villagers when you give them gifts. Each villagers has a different dialogue with you regarding these heart crystals. After receiving the heart crystals, the villagers will display them in their houses for a while. If you give them to the right villagers, they will show them your photo plate.

You can also purchase wedding decorations in the shop on Harvey's Island. These items are primarily used for wedding photos, so it's important to purchase them if you want to take part in wedding festivities! During the month of June, players can buy items in the Able Sisters and Nook Shopping areas. During May, there are seasonal items available for purchase, so it's worth looking around for them.

If you are planning on getting married during this wedding season, make sure you take advantage of this new event. It won't interfere with town building, but it will help you collect wedding-themed items. Once you've collected enough of these items, you can craft the furniture you need for your wedding photos. You can even collect Heat Crystals and decorate the church with wedding-themed decorations. It's a wonderful time for your wedding!

Cyrus’s shop

During the Wedding Season, you can purchase unique wedding items from Cyrus's shop. To buy them, you must collect 261 Heart Crystals. However, some of these items will be given to you for free by Reese if you complete Photo Shoots. Among the most popular wedding items are furniture, wallpapers, flooring, rugs, and even a wedding dress.

After unlocking the wedding dress, players can then move onto the furniture. They can also change the highlight color and the paintbrush icon. If you wish to have a wedding photo of Reese and Cyrus, you can become a photographer and take their picture. After getting the photo, press - to remove yourself from the photo. When Cyrus sees the photo, he will give you a new item, usually a wedding themed item.

While you can purchase wedding items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can also customize some of the furniture and decors by upgrading them. There are three types of wedding furniture: a Wedding Pipe Organ, a Wedding Ring Pillow, and a Nuptial Doorplate. These can be customized to make your house look as beautiful as you want it to be. You can buy these items from Cyrus's shop, but you must visit it often to receive the full range of wedding items.

When the wedding season arrives, the game will introduce new features that players can use to customize their own wedding. The wedding theme is back in New Horizons, and players can take a wedding-themed photo on Harv's Island to receive special rewards. They will then get wedding-themed items for the best photo. This is just one way to collect all the wedding items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Able Sisters

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, you'll find a wedding event. Here you can pick up a ton of wedding-related items, including dress up outfits for the bride and groom. In addition, you can even purchase DIY recipes from a beach bottle. To unlock these recipes, you must have two Gold Nuggets. In addition to purchasing wedding outfits, you can also craft your own items, including favors and decorations for the big day.

If you'd like to add a lot of wedding-related items to your game, you can make your own wedding wand. To obtain this item, you should complete enough Photo Shoots to get enough Heart Crystals. The wedding items can be used for other purposes as well, so make sure to collect them all! Then, make sure you save them up! There's a great chance you'll find some items you've never seen before.

You can also find other animal crossing wedding items from the Able Sisters, like dresses. There are many dresses available, including the famous Icy Dress, which is a favorite of many players. This dress is the second-most expensive item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and you can purchase it at any of the Able Sisters. Unfortunately, you can't customize it as it only comes in one color.

Animal Crossing New Horizons' Wedding Season began in June. During this event, players can visit Harvey's island and meet the newlyweds Reese and Cyrus. After completing their special wedding picture on the island, you can exchange them for Wedding-themed outfits and accessories. As long as you have the items to complete the task, you can have fun completing fun challenges and earning Heart Crystals!

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