Whose Name Goes On Return Address For Wedding Invitations

The wedding invitation offers your guests their first peek at your big day. A crucial feature of the invitation envelope is the return address, which needs to be placed in a specific area on the envelope. This leads to an important query: whose name should appear in the return address on wedding invitations?

Invitations have some proper etiquette which is advisable to maintain before mailing guests. Invitation etiquette means having some clear details like when to send, what to include, how to write it, and many more. In this article, we will inform you about the above details. So keep reading.

Whose Name Goes On Return Address For Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are a sensitive issue. Because people deal with it very seriously. So there is no compromise on maintaining its etiquette perfectly. Handle the part of the return address with the highest security. Because if it is wrong, the guests may get confused which is not desirable. You should know the detailed information about the return address.

Primarily, the name of the wedding organizer or host is in the return address. Not only the name but also some details have to be included. In a nutshell, the name of the person who handles the gifts or responses in the mail is in the return address. So print the hostname and address on the wedding invitation envelope or RSVP cards

Traditionally, those who pay all the expenses of the wedding event are the hosts of the wedding. Again he can be a father, mother, or a married couple. However, in most marriages, the parents are the hosts of the marriage. However, the parents don't need to be the host of the wedding. Sometimes they are hosted as guardians even though their children pay. To print the name and address of the host in your wedding invitation envelope.

Where to Write and How to Write the Return Address

Let me clear one thing first. Where to write the return address? The flap on the back of the invitation envelope is for the return address. Your response is to write on the front of the back flap of the envelope. Now if you use the inner and outer double envelope to write the details of your invitation, the return address will only sit on the flap on the back of the outer envelope.

Now let's talk about the second point. The second important thing is the rules and correct method of writing the return address. Traditional etiquette says that it is better to write the return address by hand in black ink. Of course, this is a time-consuming task. In this case, you can use someone from your family member whose handwriting is beautiful.

As we said earlier that the commonplace to print a return address in an invitation is the back flap of the envelope or the upper left corner. It is good if it is handwritten but can also be calligraphic or printed.

Maintain your wedding invitation card in such a way that even the slightest mistake can be avoided. Because it indicates who you are actually inviting or will do. Nowadays, handling wedding invitations appropriately is also a huge challenge. So the inside and outside details of the envelope must be very clear to convey the invitations to the guests perfectly.

Etiquette Of Invitation Envelope

Note that, no name is officially added to the outer envelope. But it is best to move away from the alternative. If you are looking for an ideal format for adding your name, you can use the suggestions below. But if you prefer formal language or pure grammar, keep this format for the return address in your invitation envelope.

13 City Park Lane

Cell, Minnesota 55414

Etiquette Of RSVP Envelope

Since the bride's parents arrange the wedding, they collect all the RSVPs. Therefore, it is essential to have their name and address in the invitation. In that case, the format of their name should be as such:

Mr. and Mrs.  Kevin Petersen

13 City Park lane

Cell, Minnesota 55414

Etiquette Of RSVP Envelope (Super Formal)

Nowadays, it is very common for couples to pay for their own wedding expenses and organize the ceremony together with their family. As a result, the couple's names should not be officially printed together before marriage. But if they wish to add their name to the response envelope, two options may follow. They are as follows:

Ms. Emma Johnson

Mr. David Miller

55407 Forest Lake

Cell, Minnesota 55414


The Johnson – Miller Wedding

55407 Forest Lake

Cell, Minnesota 55414

Etiquette Of RSVP Envelope (Casual)

If you want to keep your wedding invitation casual, you can use less formal language on the envelope. It is also ideal for return stamps or mail labeling.

Emma and David

55407 Forest Lake

Cell, Minnesota 55414

Things To Know Before Sending Wedding Invitation

Some key things you must keep in mind before sending wedding invitations to your guests. Here I am sharing them with you.

Be Aware Of Time

Send your invitation letter at least 2 weeks to 1 month before your wedding. It is best if this time is 6-7 weeks earlier. This time will give your guests enough time to prepare. These preparations include dress selection for themselves, wedding gift or not. Especially from outside the city, they have to manage transportation. Because not everyone can have their own transportation facilities.

Specify The Name Of The Guest

Write the name of each guest clearly and specifically on the invitation envelope. Make sure that the spelling of their name or the details of the address is not wrong when writing.

Wedding Location Check

Location is the first and highest priority of marriage. It is most suitable to be handwritten. So spell the location so that everyone can understand comfortably.

Select Trusted Courier

At present, it is common to send wedding invitations by mail. But many feel comfortable sending invitations by courier in a classic way. So select a popular and trusted courier company so that all the invitations reach your guests in a short time.


An invitation is the first vibe of the wedding. Important details such as return address should be well printed in the wedding invitation envelope. We hope this article provides you with the necessary information and whose name to write on the wedding invitations return address.

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