How Much Can You Alter a Wedding Dress?

A wedding is undoubtedly one of the most magnificent events in a person’s life, a statement that holds especially true for brides who have dreamt of donning a bridal gown since they were young. The pursuit of a wedding dress that perfectly hugs and compliments your shape is of utmost importance. However, finding a gown that fits your exact measurements could prove to be a task fraught with challenges. This highlights the critical role that alterations play. You might be curious about the extent to which you can alter your wedding dress.

Actually, it depends on the creativity and techniques of the seamstress you are consulting. Generally, the wedding dress can be easily altered two sizes down or a size up. But as per your measurements, the tailor can do other necessary alterations so that the dress fits you perfectly. 

Things You Should Know About Wedding Dress 

There is no doubt that you want to look best among all on your wedding day and you should. Every girl finds it difficult to get the perfect wedding dress as she is completely inexperienced in this. So you may not know everything you should to buy the perfect wedding dress

Buying the wedding dress and the processes are pretty trickier than it seems. First, you have to choose the dress you like. Some even get in a fix which dresses to choose and also roams around shops to shops. When you are satisfied with the dress you want, then they will take your measurements and alter the dress as per that. 

You may say it is complicated and you will just grab the dress you like and take it home. Yes, you can. But alteration is highly suggested because there is no guarantee the dress will fit you perfectly. 

Types of Alteration You May Go For 

There are actually many options you can take for alteration. Consulting an expert seamstress is highly recommended as he or she can advise you about alterations. Now, we are going to demonstrate the types of alterations. 

Hemming is one of the most usual alterations in a bridal outfit. It can be of great help when it comes to shortening your wedding gown. In terms of your dress being too long for you, the tailor will advise you to hem the dress down without ruining it. 

You can also adjust the sides of the dress if it is too tight or too loose for you. Besides, you can add bra cups (if you are not willing to wear a bra with your wedding dress), maintain bustle points which will help you to lift your dress off the ground. Also, your tailor can offer you some additional alteration services like adding straps, adding or shortening sleeves, altering neckline, shortening the train, etc. 

How Much Can You Alter the Wedding Dress? 

This is a pretty common question that can cross your mind about alteration. In general, bridal dresses are made according to a size chart. Alteration allows the dress to be reshaped in your size. But how much the dress can be altered will depend on a lot of things. Below, we will discuss some of the common alterations depending on various situations.

What If the Dress is Too Long? 

Altering your wedding dress one or two sizes down is pretty common. Also, it doesn’t hamper the designs and quality of fabric. The closer to your size the better it is and also you can save money. But if your mind is stuck with a certain piece of the gown and it is not your size, there is nothing to worry about. That is where alteration becomes your friend. 

A professional seamstress is a master in these types of works. He or she can reshape the long dress into perfection for you. A wedding dress can be easily cut one or two sizes down. But in case if it is needed to shorten more it depends on the expertise of your seamstress. Your tailor needs to be precise in this work and work with craftsmanship. 

What If the Dress Is Short or tight?

It is a trickier and complex problem. In this case, your tailor needs to be careful while working. Because not all dresses allow you to enhance their size. Some dresses have an extra seam allowance which allows the dress to be increased by size without any problems. But when there is no extra seam option, your seamstress has to be on point in terms of precision. This will cost you some more pennies. You can also get some design changes with alteration if you like. 

Things to Know and Remember 

You should keep in mind that the seamstress will alter the dress according to the measurements you are providing. Also, you can gain or lose weight before the wedding so the dress might fall tight or loose. These are the things that you must know and remember. 

Schedule at Least 2-3 Fitting or Trials 

Your size and measurement can change during the process of alteration. So you should at least go for 2 or 3 trials for the dress after certain intervals. The last meeting should be scheduled at least 2-3 weeks before the special day. 

Alteration and Other Processes Takes Time

The wedding dress needs time to be perfectly done. Therefore, you should alter your dress a minimum of 8-10 weeks before the wedding which will allow the tailor to work with your dress precisely. 

Pay Attention to Design and Details 

While attending the fitting you should keep eye on the details and designs you want. You can also tell your tailor if you like some other designs. Details of the dress have to be on point. Train, bustle, beads, seaming, straps, lace should be perfectly organized. 

Do Not Forget to Bring Accessories While Fitting 

While attending fitting sessions for your bridal dress, take your accessories like shoes, undergarments along with you. This will help you to visualize the look of yourself on the wedding day. 

How Much Does It Take to Alter a Wedding Dress?

Actually, it depends on what type of work you are doing. Standard alterations take up to $300-$600. But it may also add up if you want some additional work on your wedding gown. This also depends on the complexity of the work. 


How much can you alter a wedding dress?" - it depends on the dress you are willing to take. Almost all wedding gowns allow you to increase and decrease their size up to one or two sizes. We hope that this article will help you to get ideas about wedding dress alteration.

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