When to Get Your Wedding Dress Altered?

Modifications are typically required for bridal wear. Custom bridal gowns aren't made with a universal fit in mind. This means finding a dress that fits your exact size might be difficult. Even when you do find a dress that seemingly fits well, it's common to need some adjustments. Additionally, these adjustments can sometimes require a significant amount of time to be completed. Thus, it's important to be aware of the best timing for getting your wedding dress alterations done.

Wedding dress alterations might require more time than you can imagine. The timeframe of alteration varies on a large scale. If you have no prior experience with wedding dress altering, keep reading the article. Below, we will discuss how long it might take and when you should go for the wedding dress alteration.

When to Get Your Wedding Dress Altered?

Usually, it is recommended to go to the seamstress with the wedding dress for alteration at least 3 to 4 months before the wedding date. As we said earlier, the variety of works can vary on a large scale which can affect the required time. Most of the wedding dresses require at least 3 months for alteration. As it is something that needs to be very efficient, it requires a lot of time compared to fitting a usual dress.

If requires, the wedding dress can be altered within a short period. A seamstress might require overworking and increase the speed of the work. However, you will not get the efficient performance that you want. As the seamstress is not getting enough time, they might not assure you of the full efficiency of the details. Moreover, this will also cost you much. You will require paying an extra service charge for the quick work.

So, it is in your best interest to go for the alteration at least 3 months prior to the wedding. Usually, it requires 3 appointments with the seamstress for fitting the wedding dress. In the first appointment, the seamstress will take the initial measure of your body for the alteration. She will also discuss your preference during this. Make sure to let her know if you want to add more details or remove some of them.

During the first appointment, make sure that you are letting the seamstress know about the date of the wedding. Also, make sure she is capable of doing this within the timeframe.

Tips for Wedding Dress Alteration

Marriage is like once in a lifetime experience and most of the brides might not have any prior experience with the alteration of wedding dresses. We think the below tips might be helpful for such brides:

Understand the Necessary of Altering

Just because you find a wedding dress that can fit into your body doesn’t mean that it will not require any alteration work. Most of the wedding dresses out there comes in nonspecific sizes. The dress you are picking might fit in height. But that doesn’t mean that it is going to fit through hips, bust, and other parts of the body. That is why it is very important to alter the wedding dress to precisely fit into your shape.

Be Aware of the Schedules

The schedules of wedding dress alterations are very important. Most of the wedding experts recommend going through at least three of the appointment to get the best fit. As we mentioned earlier, the first fit is about initial measurement. And the first appointment should be at least three months prior to the wedding day.

Then comes the second fitting which should be at least one month prior to the wedding. The final fitting should be at least two weeks ago of the wedding date. If requires, don’t hesitate to go through the additional fitting appointment to get the most perfect outcome.

Consider In-House Alteration

Some of the bridal wedding dress shops or the salon may offer in-house alterations. This can be a great way to get a better outcome with the fitting. That is because the seamstress in the salon might have previous experience working on the same types and styles of the dress. Furthermore, they might offer a discount as you are purchasing two services. However, don’t worry if they don’t offer the service. There are plenty of other seamstresses waiting to do this for you.

Note that the in-house seamstress might cost you a bit more in general compared to the local seamstresses. If you are on a tight budget, considering going for the locals. Make sure that you are picking someone who is experienced and has done this work before. Sometimes you might get recommendations from the salons about reliable seamstresses for this work.

Don’t Worry If It Don’t Fit at First

During the first fitting, you might find the dress unfit. Well, that is completely normal as we said earlier. The seamstress will make it fit for you perfectly once they got the measures. Even if the dress is two sizes bigger or a bit smaller, the seamstress can make it's completely matching with your body measures. So, don’t worry about this. Also, be open as much as you can with the seamstress about your preferences over the dress.

Even if you find the dress is not fitting perfectly after the second appointment, you should talk with the seamstress about this. Check if it is fitting comfortably and perfectly on different parts of the body. If you find any issues, make sure that you tell the fitter precisely. Here is a bonus tip – take a friend or two with you during the fitting appointment. They might help you to understand a bit more about the look.


Wedding dress alteration is as important as picking it and make sure that you are not compromising about the fitting. As we said above, you should go to the seamstress at least 3 months before the wedding to get the dress altered. Also, join the fitting appointments to make sure that you are getting everything correctly done. We hope the above information about the fitting will be helpful for you.

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