How Long Does It Take to Get a Wedding Dress Altered?

Every bride dreams of looking her very best on her big day, and the selection of the bridal gown plays a pivotal role in realizing that ideal appearance. Opting for a gown that doesn't perfectly contour to your body can take away from your experience, underscoring the importance of considering the adjustments to your bridal dress. Next, we will provide details on the average time needed for bridal gown alterations.

In the below part of the article, we will elaborate in detail about wedding dress alteration. We will let you know how much it will cost, how long it will take, and how the alteration works can vary. Keep following the below paragraph to know everything about the wedding dress alteration.

When a Wedding Dress Require Alteration?

Altering a wedding dress means making it perfect for you in every way. Imagine finding a perfect dress only to realize that don’t for your size. That is why the alteration comes into play. Altering can help you to make the dress a perfect fit for you. That is known as altering. As you see while purchasing the wedding dress, they don’t come in a fixed size. The size varies on a large scale based on the manufacturer or brand.

Altering makes it the perfect fit for the wearer. Even if your wedding dress comes in the right size, you will still require some alteration. You might not want to go for altering if it requires a small alteration. However, as per the wedding expert, you should still alter it. This makes sure that the dress is perfectly fit, comfortable, and makes you look good. Furthermore, this also helps you to stay confident for the whole day.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Wedding Dress Altered?

Well, it can be hard to answer this question. That is because the timeframe varies on a large scale based on the required amount of work. Moreover, the duration can vary depending on some other factors like the workload of the seamstress. Usually, it will take around 3 to 6 months for the alteration based on what needs to be done. The ideal time is 3 months minimum so that the fitter or seamstress can do everything without any pressure.

One interesting fact is some seamstress can even make your dress ready within a week or overnight. But that also means they do have not much scope to keep the details as you want. This means compromising with the dress and this is something you might not want. Furthermore, you will require paying some extra charges for the quick turnaround time. There are much more works than you think during an alteration of a wedding dress.

How much time it will require to alter the wedding dress depends a lot on the type of wedding gown. If the dress comes in your size, it might require less time than usual. If the size is bigger or smaller, it will require more time. Furthermore, if you want to change anything like adding detail or removing one will also require a lot of time.

Considering all the aspect, it will take around 3 months to get the wedding dress altered. However, you should purchase the dress by keeping a bit more time on hand. You might need to join around three to four appointments with the seamstress throughout the time for fitting. This is to assure perfect fit.

How Much it Will Cost to Get a Wedding Dress Altered?

It might be hard to believe that you can even get a wedding dress alteration at $50. However, this is when you are going for a cheap seamstress who has not much experience for this. Besides, if the required work is not that much, this will also lower the cost. Such as, if you only need to fit the bottom of the dress which is also called hem, you will require paying around $120 to $200.

As we said earlier, there can be a lot of altering work. This might include training the loop and button, shortening the straps, changing the bust size, adding a waist stay, altering neckline, and much more. When there is a lot of work to do, you might pay up to $1000. Moreover, if you want to go for a seamstress who is specialized in alteration, it will also cost you much. Sometimes, they will chare extra during the wedding seasons.

They payment might rise up if you want this in a quick order. You will require paying a service charge for this. Make sure that you are not going to alter the dress from the shop you have bought the dress. They usually cost you more. You can shop around in the local but old and reliable tailors to get some good deals.

Related Questions

How Pay for the Wedding Dress and Alters

Well, it’s usually the bride family who pays for the alters. In fact, the bride family need to pay for everything from the bride’s attire, floral arrangement, travel, officiant, photography, etc. However, sometimes the groom may want to gift the dress or want the bride to wear his mom/ grandmothers wedding dress.

How much is the average wedding dress?

The average wedding dress cost is around $1500. However, the price can go up to $4000 or more and goes down around $500. Note that this don’t include the alteration cost. If you want to keep the price low, shop for the dress in off season and purchase from the large retailer. The machine-made wedding dress also cost less than the hand-made one.

Is your wedding dress supposed to touch the floor?

Depends on which types of dress you are wearing. Usually, the font of the dress will be one inch above the shoe and the back of the dress may touch the floor.


Wedding dress altering is very important to get the perfect dress as you want. We hope the above information of wedding dress altering will be helpful for you.

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