Where Can I Get a Rubber Wedding Band?

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If you're looking for a rubber wedding band, you have several options. Some of them are SafeRingz, QALO, Enso, and Knot Theory. But which one is right for you? Read on to discover more! You can even make your own! Here are some of the best brands to try. And for the best price, remember to check for a good warranty.


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The original manufacturer of safe silicone rubber wedding bands, SafeRingz, is the original supplier of these rings. SafeRingz wedding bands are crafted from silicone and feature unique metallic pigment to look like real polished metal wedding bands. They are comfortable to wear and heat resistant, making them perfect for construction, mechanic, electrical workers and police and military personnel. The company also offers a wide range of other colors to suit every taste and preference.

As a US-based company, SafeRingz offers a high quality product at an affordable price. The company offers a variety of engraving options, and many SafeRingz bands are even made from medical grade silicone rubber, which is biocompatible, heat-resistant, non-conductive, and chemically inert. There are three standard sizes and three custom-designed bands. And because SafeRingz is a socially responsible company, a portion of each sale goes to help the US military.

The company offers silicone wedding bands that are made in the United States and are non-conductive, heat-resistant, and durable. In addition to being biocompatible and heat-resistant, SafeRingz rubber bands also help prevent injury to workers. Their patented design breaks easily when stretched, ensuring that no finger will be injured. SafeRingz also offers an eco-friendly option that is more affordable than other silicone wedding bands.

While metal rings are an excellent choice for wedding bands, you should not choose these rings if you're concerned about electrocution. Metal rings can cause avulsion, a condition in which the ring is forced to fall off. If this happens, it could impair your hand for months or require surgical treatment. By contrast, silicone rings don't pose this problem. They stretch before damaging the finger. Moreover, these rings are designed to be bendable, which makes them popular among active duty military, construction workers, and machinery operators.

Besides its low price, a SafeRingz rubber wedding band can protect your fingers from electrical damage. Many people don't realize that rubber wedding bands are non-conductive, but the silicone is heat-resistant and biocompatible, meaning that they're safe for use by electricians and linemen. They're also very durable, which means that they won't cause any irritations to your skin. Moreover, a rubber wedding band will save you money that you could have otherwise spent on a traditional ring.


Whether you're a man who leads an active lifestyle or a woman who loves to be outdoors, the QALO Rubber Wedding Band is perfect for you. Made of durable medical-grade silicone, these rings won't bend, chip, or swell, unlike metal wedding bands. They are available in a wide variety of sizes that align with standard wedding ring sizing. You can order yours online.

Stackable Collection H Silicone Ring Set: This set of two bands is designed to stack together or worn separately. Designed by Eva Shockey for QALO, these silicone rings have tensile strength of eight pounds and are suitable for outdoor and work settings. The silicone ring slides on and off easily, and maintains a breathable fit. You can customize the silicone ring with your own message or photo.


The Infinity Series Silicone Ring is one of the most unique and versatile silicone rings available. The universal symbol for love and eternal relationship is the ring, and the endless infinity design of Enso's Infinity Series rings expresses your true feelings more clearly. If you are a man looking for a unique and different ring for your woman, then the Infinity Series rings from Enso are a great choice.

Another benefit of the Enso rubber wedding band is that it's hypoallergenic. While some people may experience allergic reactions to the material, the silicone is not irritating and is comfortable to wear. However, this material is attracted to dust, fuzz, and hair. Because of its natural gripping ability, Enso rings can also become a nuisance if you're constantly walking or working in a dusty environment.

The Enso website uses large graphics and videos to educate customers. The sizing guide includes video tutorials and downloadable PDFs. In addition, the FAQ page includes a drop-down menu for frequently asked questions. Although Enso doesn't categorize their products by gender, there are different collections for men and women. Depending on the size of your finger, you can choose a narrow, wide, or halo band.

After the ring is put on your hand, you can feel that it is comfortable and will prevent a loss of sensitivity. The Infinity line offers silicone rings for men and thin, stretchable bands for women. The Infinity bands feature a raised inner band with an etched infinity design on the outside. The best man's wedding band was not only comfortable, but also stylish. If you're looking for a wedding band with more personality, Enso is an excellent choice.

For couples who don't want to pay a lot for a metal wedding band, an Enso Ring can be a great choice. Enso rings are available at a wide range of prices and styles, and you can mix and match them. Each ring has a lifetime guarantee and easy exchanges if you need to adjust the size. The Enso Rings team is eager to assist you with any questions you may have.

Knot Theory

If you're looking for a rubber wedding band that represents your love and commitment, you've come to the right place. With an engraved love knot on its band, Knot Theory's wedding bands are the perfect symbol of the sacredness of marriage and eternity. Created by a Canadian company, Knot Theory has won numerous awards for its elegant designs and style. Influential men's fashion voices have endorsed the brand. A white wedding band is less flashy but still a sign of elegance.

The company has been designing silicone wedding bands since 2015 and has a dedicated design team. The company offers "perfect fit" and satisfaction guarantees to its customers. If your wedding ring isn't quite perfect, you can receive a free replacement immediately. The company also offers a direct swap service if you are unhappy with the quality or size of your ring. Another company that offers wedding bands made of silicone is Rinfit Rings. This brand's design is unique and it features bevels on both sides. They offer both black and blue bands, but don't be fooled by the names!

The Knot Theory website claims to be the world's leader in silicone wedding bands, and the company says it was the first to design non-bulky silicone wedding bands for men. The website also sells wedding bands designed for women, and is broken up into separate categories based on collection and type. It's based in Canada, but ships worldwide. If you live in Canada, they offer free shipping.