Where Did Carrie Symonds Rent Her Wedding Dress?

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If you're wondering where did Carrie Symonds rent her wedding dress, we've got some good news for you: you can! This Hollywood actress rented her dress from My Wardrobe HQ in Los Angeles. It's no wonder, considering her lavish taste. But it's also good news for you, too, because you can rent your dream wedding gown at the same places.

My Wardrobe HQ

In the run-up to her wedding, singer Carrie Underwood wore a PS265 yellow midi by Alice Early. She rented her look from My Wardrobe HQ, which offers a huge selection of designer fashion at affordable rates. However, if you're not sure you can afford the PS265 dress, you can always rent a decoy from the company.

The My Wardrobe HQ store is a popular option among brides looking to rent finery. Not only do brides save money but the environment too! A wedding dress is the most expensive garment in the world, so renting it is a great way to save money. In addition to being more environmentally friendly, renting a dress from a rental store can save a ton of money as the dress only gets worn one day. My Wardrobe HQ has more than 30,000 dresses in stock, so the dress you rent might not even be too expensive!

Although renting a wedding dress is a smart way to save money, many brides don't want to spend too much on the dress. Renting a wedding dress is an environmentally-friendly way to wear a designer gown without the guilt. And while you're at it, you can even rent a high-end gown. Rental stores like My Wardrobe HQ are becoming increasingly popular thanks to celebrity endorsements.

My Wardrobe HQ is the best place to rent a wedding dress, and the prices are quite reasonable. Carrie Symonds' dress would have cost PS2,830 brand new. In addition to a low price, you can also find a beautiful tulle gown for less than PS45 a day at a luxury rental service. If you're planning a wedding this summer, you can rent a dress that's affordable and stylish for the occasion.

Before Symonds' nuptials, wedding dress rentals were already booming. Many rental platforms reported a spike in bridal rentals. Not the same as Symonds' wedding, MyWardrobeHQ saw an uptick in bookings within a week of Symonds' nuptials. In fact, some prospective brides are now booking as far ahead as autumn 2022.

The PS2,870 wedding dress Carrie Symonds rented from My Wardrobe HQ has sold out the day after the photos were released. The designer's signature Kopaneli corded lace appliques and lattice trims make this dress unique and special. In addition, it's designed to make the bride shine, and is available at My Wardrobe HQ in London.


Apparently, Carrie Symonds rented her wedding gown from the same Costarellos, the Greek designer, where her sister had her ceremony in 2014. The wedding dress was available for PS2,870, but quickly sold out after photos of it circulated online. Luckily, there are other places to rent wedding dresses, including MyWardrobeHQ. The site will rent dresses from popular designers for less than PS45, so Symonds can still get her dream dress!

The 33-year-old wife of the UK Prime Minister wore a PS2,870 wedding dress designed by Christos Costarellos. If you're looking to get married and don't want to spend PS3,000 on a wedding gown, you can rent one for a fraction of the price. At MyWardrobeHQ, you'll receive exclusive content from the stars, such as guided tours of their homes.

The price for the wedding dress that Carrie Symonds wore is also quite impressive. The Greek designer's bridal capsule includes some stunning dresses that would cost over PS3,500. For less than PS45, you can rent a stunning wedding dress by the same designer. In fact, many of Carrie Symonds' favourite style choices have been snapped up after she wore them.

Wedding dress hire services are booming. Not long before Symonds' nuptials, the number of brides opting to rent their wedding dresses increased. Various rental platforms, including MyWardrobeHQ and Hurr, reported a huge surge in bookings for bridal wear. Some prospective brides were even booking as far ahead as 2022 - a few years after her wedding!

The Fitzroy

Renting a wedding gown has become increasingly popular in the U.K., and Symonds was no exception. Her wedding dress, a stunning tulle and silk number, was designed by Greek designer Christos Costarellos, who studied theatre costume design in Greece. The designer's bridal line was sold at Net-a-Porter for PS2,870 before photos of the dress appeared. However, Symonds' wedding dress was actually rented from a rental company called MyWardrobeHQ, where wedding dresses start at PS45.

In May, Carrie Symonds married Boris Johnson in Westminster Cathedral. Her wedding was secretly planned and only had 30 guests, in accordance with the restrictions placed by the Covid, or Children's Environmental Protection Agency. Symonds' wedding dress was made by Greek designer Christos Costarellos, and retails for PS2,870. The Fitzroy is a perfect choice for those who want to make an environmentally conscious statement.

As a keen eco-warrior, Carrie Symonds opted for a tulle dress that cost PS2,830. However, she rented it for PS45 a day, from MyWardrobeHQ. Her decision to rent a wedding dress was a clever PR move, as she needed to make herself more relatable after spending PS58,000 on a gold wallpaper.

My Wardrobe HQ, which rents wedding dresses, was one of the first to take the plunge. It opened a few years ago and has a selection of over two thousand dresses to choose from. It has an extensive online catalog to browse before renting a wedding dress. The Fitzroy offers everything from sleek slip dresses to modern ball gowns. It also offers stylish wedding attire by popular designers like Cynthia Rowley and Monique Lhuillier.

Before Symonds' nuptials, wedding dress rental business had already taken off. Many rental platforms reported a spike in interest for bridal dresses and accessories, as a result. Some sites such as MyWardrobeHQ and Hurr noticed an increased demand for bridal rentals after the weekend. In fact, some prospective brides were booking up to autumn 2022 for their big day.