Where to Get My Wedding Dress Cleaned and Preserved

When it comes to getting your wedding dress cleaned and preserved, you're going to want to find the most reliable and affordable service. In this article, we'll look at what to look for, what types of services are available, and how much they'll cost. We'll also discuss the pros and cons of air-drying vs. professional cleaning. If you're worried about your dress fading or getting damaged, air-drying is probably a better option.

Professional cleaning

A professional wedding dress cleaner can clean and preserve your dress to keep it looking like new. This service involves assessing the fabric, determining if it requires dry or wet cleaning, and applying a unique treatment plan. A specialist will also analyze the stains on your dress, both visible and invisible. Professional cleaners will know how to deal with stains and spots that other people might miss, so they can come up with a treatment plan that is customized for your dress.

The difference between cleaning and preservation is the protective treatment. Preservation will give your wedding dress museum-quality results and ensure it lasts a long time. A final protectant will repel moisture and act as an initial stain barrier. The final clean and preserve will leave your dress looking like new again. For more information on the benefits of preservation, see the link below. The difference between cleaning and preservation is striking. A cleaner that offers both services is a good choice for your wedding dress.

If your wedding dress has stains, a professional cleaner can remove them safely and quickly. Dry cleaning is ideal for fabrics like acetate and silk, because it eliminates oil-based stains without causing any damage. A specialist should also be able to make your wedding dress look as good as new in a few weeks after the wedding, if this is possible. During the cleaning process, the experts will pay close attention to the stains to ensure that the fabric is not compromised by contaminants.

The cleaning process should also be done in a timely fashion. It is better to preserve your wedding gown sooner rather than later. Some stains set in over time, and it would be too late to remove them. In addition, if you do not have time to take care of your wedding dress, it will lose its value and become outdated. Therefore, it is imperative that you hire a professional cleaning and preservation company. You can even sell the dress if you wish after the wedding.


Finding a reputable place to clean and preserve your wedding dress is vital if you want to keep it looking its best for as long as possible. Many preservation companies require that you sign a liability release before they can begin the preservation process, but you should also ask if they guarantee the cleanness of every sequin and bead. Some only guarantee the preservation cost and will not replace your wedding dress if something goes wrong. But the best places guarantee their work, and will re-clean your dress if need be.

When storing your wedding gown, make sure you choose a dry and cool place with a low relative humidity. The humidity should be at least 50%, and the temperature should be neutral or slightly warmer than room temperature. An air-conditioned room is ideal. If you plan on wearing your wedding dress again, choose an air-conditioned room. You may also want to consider storing it in a tyvek box.

In addition to cleaning your wedding gown, preserving it is important to ensure that it will keep its shape and color for years to come. Many preservationists offer special kits that make this task easier. The Wedding Dress Preservation by The Knot is one example. The Knot is a good example of a reputable company that offers preservation services for your wedding dress. This company can help you preserve your wedding dress, so make sure to shop around and compare prices before you choose a service.

Once the cleaning and preservation process is complete, your wedding dress should be stored in an acid-free, pH-neutral box. This ensures proper chemistry and prevents oxidation and the formation of caramelized sugar stains on the fabric. It should be stored in a cool place away from light for as long as possible. You should also ensure that the dress is cleaned and pressed without any residue.


How much will it cost to have my wedding dress cleaned and preserved? The cost of having your wedding dress cleaned and preserved will depend on many factors, but the most important one is the company you choose. Without a solid guarantee, your wedding dress will be worthless - it could be ruined in the process, or it could become a family heirloom! Fortunately, most wedding dress preservation companies provide lifetime warranties, and even provide additional services, such as shipping insurance.

Proper preservation also involves properly packaging your gown. The preservationist will wrap the gown in muslin or acid-free paper, then place it in an acid-free box that is pH-neutral. The acid-free box allows the gown to breathe and acclimate to changes in temperature. Some boxes have viewing windows made of acetate, while others are made of plastic, which can yellow the fabric over time.

The price of cleaning and preserving a wedding gown depends on the fabric, decoration, ornamentation, and the extent of stain damage. A heavily beaded silk ball gown will cost more than a polyester one. Never bargain for a designer wedding dress, as you'll only risk ruining it. Prices can be as high as $1,000 for a high-quality preservation, so you should always ask for quotes before making a final decision.

A wedding dress cleaning and preservation specialist will inspect your dress by hand and treat visible and invisible stains. While this step may seem expensive, it's worth it in the end. A good preservation service will also guarantee the restoration of your gown, as long as it's not damaged beyond repair. Some companies even guarantee the value of the dress if you have to return it in the future. Some of the best preservation services will even reclean your wedding gown if you're unhappy with the results.

Air drying

There are several options for drying your wedding dress after a long day of dancing. One method is to use an acid-free box or board. Make sure to use acid-free tissue to prevent permanent creases. Choose white tissue because colored paper could stain the dress. The box is not sealed, so the fabric can breathe. You can remove the dress from the box periodically to examine and refold it. If the box is not acid-free, use Coroplast or another specially made plastic.

Another method involves hanging the gown in a well-ventilated area. While it may seem like an inconvenient way to hang a wedding dress, the fact is that it can actually cause its fabric to deteriorate if not properly air dried. Moreover, wedding dresses are heavier than regular clothes, so they may stretch, crease, or deform. However, the key to properly air-drying your dress is to follow the instructions on the tag or packet.

While there are several options for preserving a wedding dress, it is best to use a professional dry cleaner. Although many dry cleaners are professional and have the necessary equipment to properly preserve wedding dresses, some are not. Therefore, be sure to check their policies and make sure that they offer a guarantee for fading or damage. The best option is to contact vetted dry cleaners, as they're more likely to offer you a flat rate for their services.

Besides air drying your wedding gown, you should also consider storing it under the bed. The reason for this is to avoid direct sunlight and mold. If your wedding dress is not worn often, this option isn't recommended. Rather, take it to an experienced wedding dress preservation specialist who will store it in an acid-free or pH-neutral box. The box will also provide extra protection for the dress, so you can store it under the bed in the proper way.

DIY method

Before you store your wedding dress in a closet, it should be cleaned and preserved. The first step to this process is to clean the dress yourself, either at home or by professional cleaners. A thorough cleaning will help remove any stains and prevent them from setting. Using a mild detergent to clean cloth shoes is a great way to start. You can also polish leather shoes if they are dirty. After cleaning, wrap them in white tissue and place them in a box.

Next, wrap the dress in acid-free white tissue paper or unbleached muslin. Avoid coloured tissue papers as they may stain the dress. Place muslin or tissue between layers of the dress, making sure to fill the sleeves as well. Finally, seal the box. It is best to have the box professionally reseal it to ensure it remains airtight. Then, you can take your dress to the dry cleaners and ask them to restore it.

Hiring a professional to preserve your wedding dress will cost you anywhere from $150 to $500. Alternatively, you can purchase preservation kits and clean and preserve your wedding gown yourself at home. Make sure you have white cotton gloves and an acid-free paper for this process. Finally, store the preserved dress in a cool, dry place. Keep in mind that this method will require periodic airing, so you should be aware of any new smells that might develop afterward.

When you are cleaning your wedding dress yourself, make sure you wear white cotton gloves and a soft-bristled brush. Avoid bleach as this will weaken the fabric. Likewise, make sure you thoroughly clean and dry your dress before you store it in a closet. When you are finished, wrap the dress with acid-free white tissue paper. Don't forget to stuff the bust and sleeve with tissue.

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