Where to Rent Wedding Tables For Your Reception

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If you are looking for wedding tables for your reception, you will need to make a reservation several months in advance. Usually, you should begin researching rental companies four to six months before the event. Your florists, caterers, and venue can recommend rental companies that can accommodate your needs. After you've narrowed down your list of companies, place your order online or in a showroom. After a consultation, the rental company will provide a quote for the tables and will drop them off at the ceremony location, if you request that option. Be aware that drop-off service may require a minimum rental amount.

Online event rental providers

If you are looking for a rental company to rent wedding tables and other event rentals, you can find many different options online. Many of these companies offer a wide range of different items for any type of event. Some are local to you while others are national and serve the entire Tampa Bay area. These companies can provide the perfect table rental for your special day. There are many benefits to renting tables and chairs online. Listed below are some of the best places to start.

High Style Rentals - This company provides a variety of event rental products and has been featured in the New York Times and on The Knot. Similarly, MMEink Event Rentals has a large inventory of event rentals. They specialize in everything from dry flowers and other decor to furniture and staging. If you want to rent wedding tables and chairs online, you can find the perfect venue through this company. Make sure to check out their reviews and testimonials to ensure they're the best company to work with.

Another great option is Please B Seated. Based in Brooklyn, NY, this company has a great selection of event rental items. You'll find a variety of different tables, chairs, and decorations. In addition to wedding tables, you can also rent chairs and other furniture for your event. If you are planning to have a large gathering at your reception, you'll need a lot of tables. For the table rentals, you'll need approximately eight to ten tables.

Preferred Restrooms - If you plan to have a festival-style or Boho style celebration, you'll find unique restroom trailers from a local company. These rental companies can accommodate any size party, and they can even cater to your needs. And if you don't want to rent any tables, they also have restroom trailers that will make your event look luxurious. This is a great option for wedding tables and chairs if you don't want to deal with a local company.

Rental companies

When looking to rent wedding tables and chairs, there are many different ways to choose a company. While many companies provide the basics, others go above and beyond the basics. Having a professional walk through your venue can be invaluable in planning the perfect event. Rental companies are well equipped to advise you on what type of tables and chairs you'll need based on the dimensions of your venue. Even better, they can provide recommendations on how to place them so that they fit into the layout of the reception hall.

When choosing a vendor, be sure to discuss the specific drop-off and pick-up windows for your venue. Many venues have specific hours for drop-off and pick-up, and their first-come-first-serve basis is usually 30 minutes before the reception begins. Once the reception is over, the "out time" will be thirty to 90 minutes after the reception ends. To avoid additional charges, check with your chosen vendor's contract to make sure the drop-off and pick-up window fits within the venue's confines.

Depending on your budget and the number of tablecloths needed, consider buying items instead of renting them. Many rental companies are more affordable than buying, and you can customize your wedding by buying your tablecloths and chairs. Just make sure you order a high enough quantity to avoid paying extra if you need to change the color. You'll also need to pay the final balance up front to receive the rental. In some cases, the company may not offer your desired color or style in time for your big day.

Tables are just the beginning of the wedding layout. Don't forget to include a cake table. Many guests will bring gifts, and you'll want to display them on the cake table. If you choose to include a cake table, be sure to choose a highboy table so that small guests can't reach it. And don't forget about the flowers! If you decide to go for a traditional wedding, remember to get vases, candle holders, and centerpieces to match the theme of your reception.


Costs of wedding venues vary widely, ranging from $0 to thousands of dollars. These fees typically include overhead and administrative costs, as well as food and beverage costs and incidentals. Depending on your budget, vision, and geographic location, your wedding venue can cost anywhere from $0 to $572 per person. If you plan to serve alcohol at your reception, you should also ask about service fees, which can add up to 30% to the quoted rate.

In many cases, tables and chairs are already included in the venue's price, so the only cost you need to pay is for linens and glassware. If you're hosting a smaller wedding, however, you may want to purchase your own votives, vases, and other tabletop items. When looking for tables and chairs, you should consider what you'll do with them once your wedding is over. You may decide to purchase them, or you might opt to rent them.

While your venue may influence the choices you make regarding the table and chair rental, it can also play a major role in your overall vision. Jennifer Pletcher, owner of Gemini Event Planning in Vail, Colorado, shares her tips for finding the best rental options. Choosing the right venue is essential, but don't be afraid to shop around a bit. If you're unsure of the venue's decor or table set-up, try a few different places until you find the perfect match.

When choosing a wedding venue, you must remember that the size and type of tables will affect the cost of your reception. Make sure you choose a venue that's big enough for your guests to sit comfortably. Don't underestimate the size of a wedding reception if you don't have a clear idea of the number of guests you'll need. For example, if you have a small reception in an outdoor venue, you'll need fewer rectangular tables than if the wedding is held indoors. You'll also need to consider the location's power supply. If you're renting a venue, consider how far away it is from a power source and how many circuits you'll need to run your electrical equipment. If you're planning a large tent reception, you may want to rent generators to help you power your wedding.


One unique wedding rental business is Gooseberry Tabletop in Dover, New Hampshire. They specialize in rustic and mismatched table tops, including tables and chairs in a variety of designs, colors, and textures. Another unique rental company is Granite State Rental, which provides a range of event items including chairs, tables, linens, and more. Their creative professionals will design the table tops to suit the theme of your wedding.

Event Rent offers beautiful decor including nine-foot faux cherry-blossom trees that will draw attention to your venue. You can also rent unique centrepieces from Covers Couture Decor and Floral Design, who make beautiful floral arrangements. Their large tree centrepiece is a fun twist on the traditional tree decor. Trees can be a stunning accent piece at your ceremony or reception. If you are looking for something different, you can also rent a giant tree centrepiece from VintageBASH Toronto.


If you want your guests to enjoy your toasts in style, you'll need to have glassware on the table for your wedding reception. While most tables are limited in space, there's room for one wine or water glass per guest. And, if you're having a Champagne toast, don't forget the special glass for that. In addition, your guests will likely want to drink from a highball glass.

Glassware can give your wedding reception tables a pop of color. If you're going for a vintage, glamourous vibe, colored glassware can be an excellent choice. Here's how to incorporate it into your wedding table:

The first step is to determine how many pieces of glassware you need. The number will depend on how many guests are being served, and the type of drinks they'll be enjoying. To cut down on costs, you can check out online sites that sell used glassware. This is often a much more cost-effective option than renting. Additionally, you can find estate sales that sell glassware that can be used in your wedding. While it may not be as elegant as a new set of glasses, a vintage-inspired design is sure to make a statement at your reception.

If your taste is more on the trendy side, you can opt for personalized wine glasses. These are an excellent choice for brides and grooms who want to make a statement with their wedding. These wine glasses can also be used for a variety of different beverages, including champagne or Prosecco. The bride and groom will probably start the reception off with a glass of bubbly to toast their new life together. But, you can also go for personalized martini glasses and champagne flutes.

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