How Much Does It Cost to Hem a Wedding Dress?

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Weddings are an important and memorable event for couples. A wedding dress makes the bride and groom look good. There is no one in the world who does not want to look beautiful in their marriage ceremony. To look attractive, a wedding dress must be perfect in size and design well. Hemming is one of the most necessary alterations to a wedding dress. Now, let us know how much does it cost to hem a wedding dress.

Below, we will discuss the average cost of the hem as well as the factors that can increase or decrease it. keep reading the article.

What Is Hemming?

The hem is a technique of sewing to fit the length of the dress. In any dress, the bottom of the dress is sewed to make the dress look perfect, fit any dress perfectly and adjust the length of it. 

There are a lot of ways to hem a  dress. Folding the edge of the cloth and sewing it is the most popular of them. Wedding dress hemming is also quite popular because most of the time the dress is a bit longer or the sleeve is not fitting. Hem sewing is a part of alteration. It is usually a very common alteration to make a wedding dress look pretty on the bride. Hem sewing makes the wedding dresses perfectly fitted on brides.

How Much Does It Cost to Hem a Wedding Dress?

The cost to hem a wedding dress depends on how much work you need to do in the dress. Generally, it costs 100 dollars to 200 dollars. It takes more money to do some other alternatives on the dress also. If someone customized the train or retouched their mother or any old wedding dress then it can cost more. Along with the hem, there might be some other alteration works that will also increase the cost. 

Average Cost of Wedding Dress Alteration

The more simple the dress is, the cost of hemming will be less depending on it. 

Some wedding dresses have simple designs, they just need to work on the length or the side adjustment. These types of alterations are way cheaper than gorgeous wedding dresses.

Apart from this, some dresses have to work on the neckline. The neckline is the most attractive part of any wedding dress. People tend to alter the neckline most often. While you need to alter the neckline, brides like to add some straps, beads, etc. on the place. Seamstresses ask to make extra money for doing it. Furthermore, it takes a lot of time to do the custom hem sewings.

Some brides like to wear wedding dresses as their customized designs. For that, it takes more money than the normal ones. Hence there is a lot of work on customized wedding dresses. In the customized dresses, seamstresses need to apply more than 3 or 4 hem sewing. Customized wedding dresses are more expensive than regular ones. 

Detailed Cost of Some Alteration of Wedding Dresses

There is a list given below which can show the prices of different alterations of the wedding dress. However, keep in mind that the prices may vary in the places you stay or in the seamstress or boutique house. 

  1. Side: It costs 35 dollars to 60 dollars to do the alteration of the sides of the dress from any seamstresses. 
  2. Length: You can correct your wedding dress length by hemming it. You may spend 60 dollars to 100 dollars for doing it.
  3. Neckline: The neckline is the most charming part of any wedding dress. Besides, it may cost up to 50 dollars to do the hem on the neckline.  

We consider that we have already got an idea about the average cost of alteration sewing. We consider it is now quite clear how much it takes to hem a wedding dress. 

How Long Does It Take to Hem a Wedding Dress? 

It is highly recommended to do the wedding dress alterations before 2 or 3 weeks of your wedding ceremony. Sometimes, the alterations can not be perfectly done by your seamstress. You need to make sure by wearing it. After the hem sewing, you can also add some other alterations as your own choices. 

Making the wedding dress fit wonderfully, you need to make the wedding dress 1 or 2 months before your wedding. To be comfortable and be more confident, one must consult with a seamstress or designer to know if hem sewing or any other alterations are needed or not. It takes a maximum of 4 weeks to do hem sewing on a wedding dress. 

For some other alterations, it can take a maximum of 6 weeks to complete the work. So, it is very much necessary to make your wedding dress 7 to 8 weeks before the marriage ceremony. 

Does Hem Sewing Enough for a Wedding Dress?

There are many alterations to wedding dresses. However, hemming is the basic and most necessary alteration of all. Depending on the designs, one has to alter the wedding dress. Most importantly, hem sewing makes the dress perfectly fit and presentable according to the bride's height. You should always consult with a seamstress before sewing or alter the wedding dress. 

Apart from this, hemming is not always enough for a wedding dress to look charming. For customized wedding dresses and old dresses, hemming is not enough at all. So, you should get the idea if it is enough for a wedding dress or not.

Weddings are a special moment for every human being. At this important event, everyone wants to look charming. Brides want their dress to fit perfectly and they want to look best in their marriage ceremony. For making a wedding dress fit perfectly, hem and other alterations are very important.


We think you already know how much it takes to hem a wedding dress. In the above article, we have already discussed the cost involving hemming and other alterations. It costs around 50 dollars to 200 dollars to complete the hem of a wedding dress.

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