How to Write the Date on a Wedding Invitation?

Invitation cards for weddings are globally recognized in all cultures as the method to invite guests to the festivity. Not only do they provide various details about the event, but their main function is to notify the invited individuals of the exact date and time of the wedding. It's essential that this information is precisely conveyed. Curious about the appropriate manner to indicate the date on a wedding invitation?

As wedding is a considered a formal event, the wording of the wedding card also needs to be the format. If you have no prior idea about writing the date in a formal invitation, you should keep going through the article. Below, we will discuss the exact procedure you need to follow to write the date in the wedding invitation.

How to Write the Date on a Wedding Invitation?

Like every other works of the wedding, you should be careful about every single detail of a wedding. The wedding invitation should get some serious attention. That is because writing things in the wrong way can give a bad vibe to your guests. When it comes to writing the time and date, we simply put some numbers. But things are different for the formal invitations. Here are some of the things you need to follow while writing the date:

  1. While writing the wedding date, you should never put it in number. You must spell it out. Well, it might be a little bit tedious to do, but you have no option.
  2. If your wedding is going to have the ceremony at February 12, 2022, then you will require writing – Twelfth of February, two thousand twenty-two.
  3. While writing the date, you also need to add the name of the day at first. So, if your wedding day is going to be Monday, you will require writing – Monday, Twelfth of February, two thousand twenty-two.
  4. While writing the day of the week and the month name, make sure that you are capitalizing the first word. You will require writing the year in lowercase.
  5. Make sure that you are putting the comma where it is required. Such as, you need to put comma after writing the day of the week.
  6. However, don’t put comma while writing the month and date in words. They should be written together.
  7. While writing the year, make sure that you are writing in the next line.

How to Write the Time?

Well, simply telling the date of the wedding is not enough. You must specify the time of the ceremony. This will also need to be written in the correct format. Keep reading to understand how you should write the time:

  1. Like the date, you also need to write the time in spelling. As an example, if the wedding is at 4:30 PM, you will require writing as: at half after four in the afternoon. The time should be written after the dare, followed by a comma with the “at”.
  2. If the time consist of hour only without any minutes, you can simply write “four o’clock”. If there are minutes like 30 minutes, you can write half after. And, don’t forget to put the o’clock.
  3. You don’t write am/pm while spelling out the time. Instead, you need to write at the morning, at the evening, at the noon, at the afternoon, etc.
  4. If the wedding is going to happen before 12:00pm, you will write in the morning. If it is something close after to 12:00pm, it will be noon. For events after 5.00pm, it will be evening.

If you don’t care much about the formality, you can also write this way: four-thirty”. Moreover, if the wedding is not going to be formal, you can also write the date and time in numeric form. In such a case, you can write like this:

Monday, February 22, 2021

At 04:30pm.

How to Write the Location?

Another important detail of the wedding that needs to be written correctly is the location. Doing a small mistake about the location might make it hard for the guest to find it. That’s why the location also requires special care. Here is the correct and formal way of writing the location in the wedding invitation:

  1. If you are wedding in a popular place or in the church, you can simply mention the name of the place.
  2. At first, write then name of the venue and then write the city and state. Make sure that you are writing the full form of the state instead of putting abbreviation.
  3. If your wedding is in a private venue, then make sure to put the street address. People might find it hard to find without this. However, it is not necessary for popular venue or church.
  4. You will not usually include the zip code in the wedding invitation.  However, if you think it is necessary, then you can add it.

Here is an example of how you should write the wedding venue address:

Lusiana Church

3347 West St.

Quench Park, Texas

Note that, if the wedding is in a church, make sure that you are adding the name of the homeowners. Make sure to begin with “at the residence of” and then write the homeowner in the next line. Note that if the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception are going to be in a different place, make sure to write them separately. You can also make two different cards for these discrete events.

If you want to put them on the same card, then it will not be an issue. You can write them below in two sides of the letter after writing the introductory lines. Check out some of the formats online if you are confused about the whole thing. You might also find some great editable templates for the invitation.


Writing the important things like time, date, and wedding in the correct way in the wedding invitation. You can follow the above instructions while writing them. We hope that this article will help you to understand everything on how to write the date on a wedding invitation.

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