How to Write the Time on a Wedding Invitation?

Receiving a wedding invitation is an integral part of the celebration. It might seem like a simple collection of words, but it holds a deeper significance. Far from being just another piece of mail or brief memo, a wedding invitation requires careful selection of each word. The details shared in the wedding invitation play a significant role in capturing the attention of the recipients. A key detail to focus on in the wedding invitation is the event's timing. Learn how to precisely include the time on a wedding invitation.

Imagine a wedding invitation that doesn’t include a proper date and time. The whole thing becomes useless. So, it is very crucial to pick the words on the wedding invitation very carefully. In the below paragraphs, we will discuss how you can nicely say the time in the wedding invitation. Keep following the article.

How to Write the Time on a Wedding Invitation?

Here is how you can write the wedding invitation date and time of a wedding in the exact words precisely.

How to Write the Day on Wedding Invitation

When it comes to the invitation to a formal event, you will require spelling the time in the invitation letter. That is because it is very easy to misunderstand numbers. As a result, it is recommended to spell both the date and time of the wedding later. Even if you find it stuffy, you still should do this. You will require starting with the day. You need to write the day of the wedding in words with a comma. Such as, if the marriage ceremony is on Friday, you need to start with “Friday,”.  

How to Write the Month on Wedding Invitation

Once after writing the name of the day, you will require writing the date. You will also require writing the date in spelling. There are several ways to do this. As an example, if the date is 8th September, you can write, the eighth September. So, the whole thing will sum up Friday, the eighth of September.  You can also write following the way – Friday, the eighth of September.

How to Write the Year on Wedding Invitation

Then comes the year. You might find it unnecessary but still, it is recommended to write down the year. Here is how you can write it down – if the year is 2021, you can write two thousand twenty-one. It is usually recommended to write the year in the below line of the day and date. Once you are done with writing day, date, month, and year, you need to write down the exact time of the day.

How to Write the Time on Wedding Invitation

You will spell it out without the pm or am words. Here is an example, if the wedding ceremony is at 8 PM, you can simply write at eight o’clock in the evening. Make sure to put the “at”. Use morning, noon, afternoon, evening as required. Note that the evening will start at 6 PM of the day. Make sure that the number will be lowercase and then the date and year will be in uppercase.

Note that if you don’t want to worry about the formalness of the letter, you can simply go for the numbers. Currently, people are more okay with the numbers and most of the wedding also use the numbers to illustrate the date and time. Especially, this is suitable for backyard weddings and a little less formal wedding events. Writing the number is pretty. Here is an example of how to do this:

Friday, September 8, 2021

At 08:00pm.

Make sure that you are changing the numbers with the appropriate ones. Another thing you need to do is to recheck the time and date several times. That is because this is something you don’t want to mistake.

How to Write the Location in Wedding Invitation

Apart from the time and date, another thing that must be precisely written in the perfect word is the location of the wedding. You also mustn’t want to be mistaken with the wedding venue location. Sometimes, we fail to put the illustrate the details of the wedding location, which leads to some issues. Especially, when you are inviting a lot of guests to the wedding, you need to offer them the details.

A wedding guest from a different city or state simply cannot understand a short location like the locals. That is why you need to emphasize it. Here is an example of how you should write the wedding location on the invitation:

Exalt Church

313 Bird Spring Lane

Old Town, New Jersey

This is how you should write down the address if the wedding is in the church. It becomes easier for the guest when the wedding is in the place of worship. However, it can be a bit tricky if your wedding is happening in a private residence. Here is how to write in such cases.

at the residence of

Mr. and Mrs. John Doe

313 Bird Spring Lane

Old Town, New Jersey

The wedding and the reception are not usually happening in the same place. If you invite the guest for both reception and wedding, you might prepare a separate card for the reception. Here is how to write the reception address: You will first require addressing the time. Instead of the exact time, you can say immediately after the wedding ceremony. Then you can write the address. Here is an example to make things easier for you:


Immediately after the Wedding Ceremony

313 Bird Spring Lane

Old Town, New Jersey

Can I use One Card for Both Ceremony and Reception?

Yes, you can. If you don’t want to pay extra for the two separate cards and if you are not caring about formalness, you can also write two addresses on the same card. Make sure that you are writing the address on two sides separately with discrete titles.


The wedding day is an important day of our life and we mustn’t allow anything to goes wrong with the day. We hope that the above information on how to write time and date on wedding invitation will be helpful for you.

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