How to Mail Wedding Invitations at The Post Office?

Thanks to technological progress, connecting with people is easier now than ever. We can use numerous devices like smartphones and computers to send emails, text, and even make calls, along with various other communication methods. This advancement in technology has caused the younger generations to almost overlook the traditional postal services. This parallels your search for guidance on mailing wedding invitations via the post.

Sending a letter through the post office is something very easy. All you need to do is to put a specific stamp and put to the mail. But things are a bit different when it comes to the wedding. When you utilize the usual wedding stamps, you will not face many of the issues. But if you are using high-end wedding stamps with multiple papers, things can be very messy.

If you do have not much experience with the post office, keep going through the article. In the below parts of the article, we will let you know about some of the important things to do while sending a wedding invitation through the post office. Keep reading the article to find out all the etiquettes you need to follow.

How to Mail Wedding Invitations at The Post Office?

Usual the wedding invitation is not just a piece of paper inside the envelope. The invitation also includes the wedding rsvp in most cases. Sometimes, it might also include maps, hotel information, or some other important information. Moreover, you might want to be a bit more creative with the wedding invitation sometimes. Such as, some people put ribbons on the invitation where some others engrave calligraphy in the envelope or paper.

There is actually nothing wrong to be creative with your wedding invitation. But what you need to be aware of is they might require a different postal stamp. In the below part of the article, we will discuss some of the etiquettes you need to be aware of.

Be Aware of the Stamp

If you have minimal experience with letters, you might already know that how important is postal stamps. You must put the stamp on the wedding envelope just like any other letter. You can also send the wedding invitation without a stamp but the guest will require paying a postal charge for this. This is the worst thing you will want. So, make sure to put the right stamps on the wedding envelope before you post it.

Be Aware of the Weight

Typically, the wedding invitations are around less than or equal to one ounce. The save the dates of the wedding also comes in the same weight. You need to know the weight of the stamp as the postal stamp will vary depending on the weight. If you are using a postal stamp of less than one ounce, you will require using the usual forever stamps. You will get two of these stamps for a dollar and ten cents.

If your wedding invitation contains multiple pages/papers, it might weigh than one pound. In such situations, you will require a different stamp which will cost you around seventy cents. Note that most of the wedding invitation that includes multiple pieces of paper are more than one ounce and they require the later stamp. Consider checking the weight of the stamp to find out the correct weight and decide the stamp.

Size of the Stamps

When it comes to the wedding printable, the couples try to be a bit more unique with them to make them creative. The usual size of the wedding invitation is 5”x7”. Well, there is a reason behind this specific size. This specific size allows the envelope to go through the postal machine automatically. If you want to go for a bigger size or different shape, you will require paying more.

Such as, you will want to go for a wedding invitation that is square as they look nice. In such a case, you will require paying around seventy cents for the stamps for each piece. That is because the invitation will require to be “hand canceled”, which means they need to be manually sorted by hand instead of the machine. So, if you are thinking about different sizes of stamps, take the cost into account.

Be Aware of the Thickness

Another thing you need to worry about is the thickness of the wedding invitation. Usually, the invitations with an envelope that is thinner than 1/4” at their thickest point can go through the sorting machine. But if you want to add a ribbon band to the wedding envelope, then it might not. That is because the part of the ribbon will bump on the machine which will prevent them from the machine.

Stamps on the RSVP

A lot of you might not know that the wedding invitations rsvp will also require a separate stamp. Typically, it will require the low-cost forever stamp which is available at around fifty-five cents. Make sure to put the stamp with the rsvp if you don’t want the guest to pay for the rsvp. Another thing we will recommend you to do is to put a number in the back of the rsvp.

That is because some of the wedding guests might not know that this thing even requires filling. If they send it empty then you will hardly understand who was the specific guest. To avoid such issues, you can number the guest list and then put the number of the specific guest in their rsvp. This small work will save you from a lot of hassles.

Other things you need to remember while sending an invitation rsvp:

- Write a return address on where the guest can send back the rsvp.

- Make sure to secure the envelope properly to avoid any issues.

- Send an invitation along with rsvp for each family or couple to save costs.

- Send the invitation at least 4 to 6 weeks earlier to avoid any issues.


The wedding invitation is something that requires more cars than you think, as we discussed above. Make sure to pay enough attention and follow the above etiquettes while mailing the wedding invitation. We hope this article will help you to understand the rules on how to mail wedding invitations to post office.

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