How to Write Dates on Wedding Invitations

Your wedding day marks a significant milestone, a time to celebrate with those closest to you - your beloved family and friends. The dilemma, however, lies in informing them about when this special day will occur. Should you need advice on this topic, your search ends here with this article. We will explore further in the segments below the correct method for denoting dates on wedding invites.

Wedding cards bring light to your creativity. Some opt for a wedding management company, but some undertake their wedding. But everyone needs to know how to mention the wedding invitation. So how do you write the dates on wedding invitations? Well, it depends on whether you want an informal wedding invitation or a formal one. 

The wedding invitation reflects on your wedding ceremony. So, if you are curious about how to word out the date on your wedding invitation, keep following the article. Here, we will discuss how to write the date on a wedding invitation

How to Write the Dates on Wedding Invitations?

The wedding invitation plays a primary part in the process of the ceremony. Because without an invitation, how will your guests find out about the date and location of your wedding? Therefore, the wedding invitation will lend you a hand. 

It is up to you to decide on your wedding theme. You can choose a funky wedding and specify the dates in numerals. But, if you are going for a traditional formal wedding, then spell out the dates. This entirely depends on your enthusiasm and preferences. But for you, below we will discuss how to write the date on the wedding invitation.

Traditional Wedding Invitation

The wedding invitation is a guide that provides your guests to arrive on a specific day, time and location. The pieces of information are important statements, and arranging them in proper order is a must. 

So when you are going for a traditional wedding invitation, spell the dates right out of your dictionary. As we want a formal presentation. Follow the following steps to write the date classically.

Step 1

The first step is deciding on the day. Specifically, which day of the week is chosen. If you have chosen Saturday, then the first word of the date is Saturday. After that, put a comma.

Step 2

Then, write the date of the month. And, remember to write the date in ordinal. For example, the third, the ninth, the eleventh. 

Step 3

After the date, follow up with ‘of’, and write the month of the ceremony. All this is written in the first line. 

Step 4

Then in the second line, mention the year of the ceremony. After that, you will end it with time. So, it should be like this

Saturday, the sixteenth of September

Two thousand and twenty-one

At eight o’clock in the evening

Modern Wedding Invitation

The traditional wedding invitation may end up looking too wordy because of the spelled-out details. So, if you are not into it, there is no shame. You can go for informal writing. And embrace the numerals without any worries. 

In this scenario, the week, date, month, and year are all in one line. And the second line is for the time of the ceremony. It should look something like this

Saturday, September 16, 2021

At 7:00 pm

This will give your wedding invitation a casual look. So, it will look less formal and stoic. 


Do I Capitalize all the Wordings in the Date Line?

The answer is no. You will only capitalize the day of the week and month when the wedding is. But for the number, no need to capitalize. Just use lower case. 

What is the Order of the Details of a Wedding Invitation? 

The wedding invitation has quite a few remarks. These details act as a guide. Hence, the guests can find the venue and necessary information for the wedding invitation. But you can't throw the details haphazardly. So, there is a specific order of those details. The order is the following: 

The Host, Request to attend the Ceremony, Names of the Couple, Date and Time, Location, Reception Information, and Dress Code.

Do I Need to Specify the Year of the Wedding?

In both classic and modern setup of wedding invitations, the year is in the list of information. But it is not a piece of must-have detail. You can always omit this piece of information. And it is negligible if the wedding is in the same year.

But if it is a long-term ceremony, then the wedding invitation must include the year. So, in the end, it depends on you if you would like to mention the year or not. 

Can I Include AM/PM in the Wedding Invitation?

The answer depends on the style of the wedding invitation. If you are opting for a formal setting wedding invitation, then we advise you against it. As in the traditional wedding invitation, any informal wording is opted out. All the information of the date and time is written in specific words. 

But in the case of a modern wedding invitation, you can include am/pm. There is no prejudice against the informal word. There the date of the wedding is written in numeral and so is the time. So, in the end, it is your choice.

Do I Print or Calligraphy the Date in Wedding Invitation? 

The wedding invitation represents you. So it is your choice if you want to print out the wedding date or calligraphy it. Yes, calligraphy gives more of a personal feeling. But nobody is against a beautifully printed date. So, choose according to your preference. 


The wedding invitation plays a vital part in relaying information. So, a lot of us are confused with the order and style. But there is no need to fret. It is your wedding and whatever you do is right. There are some guidelines available to help you with it. But if you don’t prefer it. There is no need to brood over it. Because it is your wedding.

In the above article, we have mentioned the to-do of mentioning the date in the wedding invitation. And we hope it will help you to organize the wedding invitation.  

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