What Does the M Stand for on Wedding Invitations?

Are you wondering what the letter M signifies on wedding invitations? If you've just gotten a wedding invite, you've probably seen it comes with a wedding RSVP too. In the next part of our article, we'll delve into the meaning behind the M on the wedding RSVP.

The wedding invitation is a widely practiced way to invite the guest to a wedding ceremony. Although currently there is a lot of medium of communication, people still stick to the traditional postal services to sending wedding invitations. And some of the specific etiquettes of the wedding invitation are still in practice. One of such things is the M words in the wedding invitations rsvp.

In the below part of the article, we will let you know what the m actually stand for the wedding rsvp or invitations. We will break down the entire thing so that you can easily understand it. Along with that, we will discuss some etiquettes of filling the wedding rsvp. Keep going through the article to know everything.

What is RSVP?

Wait, some of you might not even know about the rsvp. Well, it is normal not to know about this thing if you didn’t yet get a wedding invitation personally. The rsvp is a short version of a French word, which means “please respond”. The rsvp is a piece of paper and it is included with the wedding invitation. The guest needs to fill it and send it back to the wedding host. This is the way by which the host knows whether the guest is joining the ceremony or not.

Usually, the invited guest will send back the rsvp even if he is not joining the wedding. The guest who will join will write their name and send it back. On the other hand, the guest who is not joining will typically disclose the reason why he is not joining the wedding invitation. It is very important to reply to the rsvp whether you are joining the invitation or not. It gives the host a headcount of the total people that will join the ceremony.

Sometimes the host will plan things like catering and other services of the wedding based on the reply of the rsvp. That means the rsvp also helps the wedding host to budget and plan for the entire wedding ceremony. That is why you should reply to the wedding invitation carefully.

What Does the M Stand for on Wedding Invitations?

Now let’s talk about the meaning of the M on the wedding invitations rsvp. Most of the wedding rsvp starts with an m word. It usually goes in this way “M……….”. It can be a mystery for you if you have got it for the first time. Well, the m word on the wedding invitation is just a way to indicate where to write your name. With the m word, you will write the title of your name and then write your full name.

As an example, if your name is “Smith Johnson”, you will write “M” r. Smith Johnson, following the m word on the rsvp. So, the m in the wedding invitation is nothing but a way to indicate where to write your name. It is an old practice and most of the wedding rsvp still include it. Although, some of the wedding rsvp include “Name…..” instead of the m word to make things easier for the guests.

How to Reply Wedding RSVP

If you have got your first rsvp for a wedding, then congratulations. As, you might not want to go wrong with the rsvp, make sure that you are following the below etiquettes.

Include Full Name

One of the first and most important things you need to remember while filling out the wedding rsvp is to fill it out with the full name. Most of the time, a wedding is a formal event and you need to follow the formalities while replying to the rsvp. Put your full name along with the title following the m word on the rsvp. If you are not going to attend the wedding, you might not need to add your full name.

What’s better is to add a note for the host on why you cannot join and wishing the couple good luck.

Don’t Include Uninvited Guest

Usually, the host will mention the name of the invited guests on the wedding invitations envelope. Sometimes, they will send an invitation to the whole family while sometimes they can just invite a single person with the invitation. So, make sure to give a proper look at the invitation to understand who is invited. If it says something like this “Your Name and Family”, then the host is inviting the entire family, and you, your kids, and spouse may join.

But if the wedding invitation is specifically saying your name and nothing else, they are only inviting you. On the other hand, if it says “You and Your Spouse Name”, then they are only inviting the couple. Sometimes, the wedding invitation says your name and family but later include “No Kids” or “Adult Only”. In such a case, only the adult people from your family can join.

Reply ASAP

Remember we said above that the wedding rsvp is used by the couple to know the headcounts of the guest. That is exactly why you should consider sending the wedding rsvp as soon as possible after you get it. This will assure that the host will get it at the right time and they will know your decision prior to plan accordingly.

Other Etiquettes

Here are some of the other etiquettes of the wedding RSVP that you should follow:

  • Fill the wedding rsvp with a pen as the pencils writing can fade away.
  • Write in clean words so that it can become easier for the host to understand.
  • Fill the entrée options carefully so that the host can plan accordingly.


Now you know what does the M stands for on the wedding invitation. We hope that this article will help you to fill out the rsvp easily.

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