Where to Get Wedding Dress in Skyrim

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If you've ever wondered where to get a wedding dress in Skyrim, you're not alone. You can loot one from the corpse of Vittoria Vici, who you find in the quest Bound Until Death. This body is in Solitude's Hall of the Dead, and it contains the dress, a wedding ring, a headdress, and sandals. Read on to learn more.

Apachii Divine Elegance Store mod

This Apachii Divine Elegance Store mod adds a new merchant store in the world of Skyrim. It adds a bespoke store with three merchants and allows players to buy armor-rated clothing for females. Additionally, it allows players to craft and upgrade items from the store. The mod also allows players to mix and match items from different stores. If you want to add a wedding dress store to your world, download the Apachii Divine Elegance Store mod for Skyrim and find what you're looking for.

This mod introduces dozens of new refined outfits, from Victorian dresses to Middle Eastern-looking robes. It also allows players to commission custom wedding attire. The dialogue is voiced by xVASynth, which makes it easier to hear. Players can also choose a style from the Apachii Divine Elegance Store, which works in conjunction with the previous entry in the game.

Vittoria’s Alternate Wedding

If you're wondering where to find the best wedding dress in the game, you've come to the right place! This mod makes it easier for you to find Vittoria's Wedding Dress, Wedding Wreath, and Wedding Sandals. You can even find the Wedding Band too! Just follow these simple instructions, and you'll be on your way to finding your favorite wedding dress!

The Apachii Divine Elegance Store is a custom wedding clothing shop that introduces dozens of refined outfits. From Victorian dresses to Middle Eastern robes, you can choose the best wedding attire and commission it to be crafted. This feature is not exclusive to Skyrim, and will work with other games as well. For those who don't like custom-made outfits, there are other options, such as a follower mod called An Appropriately Attired Wedding Couple.

Teldryn Sero’s Serious Wedding mod

Teldryn Sero's Marriage quest is included in this mod. You can now have 105 lines of voiced dialogue in the game. The mod also adds two immersive backstory quests, as well as custom dungeons and bosses. Teldryn is the only character in the game who is married to a non-player character. In this mod, you can marry a non-player character in any gender!

As Teldryn is a mercenary, you can hire him to follow you around for 500 gold. This mercenary grew up in Blacklight, the capital city of Morrowind, and later moved to Windhelm in the Gray Quarter. A Nord hired Teldryn to be his maid of honor when he was asked to help a druid in Skyrim. In his story, the Nord was described as a "true Nord" and a "traditional type."

The mod adds hundreds of refined outfits to the game. These outfits range from Middle Eastern-looking robes to Victorian dresses to lingerie. The Apachii Divine Elegance Store works in tandem with the previous entry, as well as with the "Apachii Divine Elegance Store" mod. It allows you to select what you'd like to wear for your wedding, commission your wedding attire, and more!

Teldryn Sero’s Serious Wedding

If you're looking for a unique Skyrim follower mod, look no further than Teldryn Sero's Serious wedding dress. This mod adds a marriage quest and 105 lines of voiced dialogue to Teldryn's story, expanding her character and taking you on epic adventures. It's also compatible with both male and female characters. Teldryn is a woman, so it's possible to play as either one of the characters to get the wedding quest.

Teldryn is the most talkative of the three mercenaries in Skyrim. She has unique dialogue in each location, usually black humor and sarcasm. Teldryn's followers include Cultured Badass, the Morrowind's most talented swordsman, and Magic Knight, the Dunmer Spellsword. The voice acting is by Grammy-nominated Shakespearean performer Dan Donohue, who played the role of Scar in Disney's Lion King on Broadway.

Salonia Carvain’s Alternate Wedding

A noblewoman from the Imperial city of Cyrodiil, Salonia Carvain is an unlikely character to find in Skyrim. She and her husband Plautis are travelling to the City of Solitude to attend Vittoria Vici's wedding, but they will be arriving barefoot and without a wedding gown. They will be standing at the Temple of Talos, located in Windhelm, when the player first encounters them.

The alternate wedding dress is a dress that reflects the bride's upper class status. She wears fine clothes, matching boots, a steel dagger, and a selection of valuable gifts. She is a wealthy princess who was once a countess of Bruma. Her dress is reminiscent of her wedding dress, as is her attire. However, she will soon be killed by an enraged mob.

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